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  1. Corrected on the relevant wiki page.
  2. Roger that. I already have the data on IEDs, but arty strikes will take a couple more days. I'll roll the whole thing up and post it Saturday.
  3. Well I did some experimenting and I can confirm ICM being very effective against bridges, in fact too effective. Additionally I've discovered that the wooden bridge (ID 449) is impervious to HE artillery fire (but not main gun HEAT/HE, ICM, or IEDs). I'll continue to test with other bridges before posting in the support thread...
  4. Which I need to experiment with now that we can tailor IED size and possibly update...it never ends.
  5. Not really. Without access to the firing tables you don't know the round's super-elevation, standard deviation, time of flight, maximum ordinate, time of flight to maximum ordinate, angle of fall, or most importantly remaining velocity at a given distance. Sure, eSim could guess at those numbers, but that leads to inaccurate modeling which I thought we're trying to avoid here.
  6. I don't know, but I've done a lot of testing while working on the wiki articles for the T-14 and its kin and honestly, I don't see the issue. Sure, as modeled the the T-14 is tough, scary tough, but even with Afghanit it's flanks aren't any thicker than other tanks and it's turret is thin; it's easily de-fanged. I think everyone is butthurt because they can't rely on having a 3000m ballistic overmatch and actually have to use solid combined-arms tactics to defeat it (and all of the new Russian kit), especially in the defense. Personally I see it as a (re)learning experience.
  7. Wishful thinking, but I wouldn't mind seeing that bus factory in the PE version...
  8. Best bet is to contact Sean and start from the ground up.
  9. Actually, bringing up the MILAN is a good example. I didn't know about firing from the caret because I've never used the MILAN, don't have access to any manuals, and open-source information on the system is incredibly vague, despite its popularity. Now that I have this nugget I can update the wiki appropriately, but points up the general issue: a lack of institutional knowledge. There's plenty of pages I want to update or flesh out (CV9035, Leo AS1, and the a fore mentioned Samson-mini) but I just don't know enough about them, and trial and error will only take you so far.
  10. We wikiteers try to keep up, but honestly it's a feat to which the cleansing the Augean stables would seem child's play. 😉
  11. Looks like the generator mount on the M577.
  12. No pressure, it'll get done when it's done, but will there be any fix for this with the next patch?
  13. Or even, dare it be said...Linux? I, for one, am sure tired of Microsquash...
  14. All the new linear objects, vehicles, and CSS alterations...updating the wiki is going to be a long process. Oh well, gives me something to do after work...
  15. No, it's fine to update your license now.
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