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  1. True, multiple materials were tested with the XM827 before they settled on an stiffer, but slightly more brittle, version of staballoy (compared to that of the M833) for the future M829.
  2. US DU ammo includes the 105mm M774 and 25mm M919 along with the type classified but non-issued 105mm M735A1 and 120mm XM827.
  3. According to the interview (and I believe earlier in this thread), not yet.
  4. Probably a T-55A m.1974 with the KTD-1 laser rangefinder.
  5. At a scale of 1:50,000 (standard for SB's maps) each grid square is 1km square or 1000x1000m. Check here for further info.
  6. Ahh, thank you for the clarification.
  7. I've been lead to believe (based solely on what was stated in the latest release notes for the PE) that in the classroom version medic teams are now assigned to ambulance vehicles, thereby changing the default behavior of such vehicles to better reflect the changes since 4.000, but I may be wrong there.
  8. CRP= Combat Reconnaissance Patrol, one of up to three platoon sized lead elements for a Motor Rifle Regiment. FSE= Forward Security Element, a Company sized security element for a Motor Rifle Regiment, typically 15-20 minutes behind the CRPs. The CRPs find you and the FSE fixes you, allowing the rest of the opposing Regiment to either attack or bypass you as the situation dictates.
  9. Those connectors are only found on heavy commons, but I have never seen them used for anything; hell, I can't find any pictures of them in use either...
  10. The short answer is "no", the vast majority of armored vehicles lack anything resembling a "cruise control", although on some vehicles (M48/M60 and others) you could use the hand throttle to accomplish the same effect, most Tank Commanders I knew considered that bad form. If you need consistent speed on a route, use a single route with "march" settings and space out individual units so they don't bunch up as they join it. Attempting to create a broad movement/assault with dissimilar units will invariably lead to some units arriving faster than others, and this is reflected in reality (e.g. tanks tend to move faster than IFVs in the attack). As a commander, it's your responsibility to synchronize the movement of your forces by understanding and taking into account their varying speeds and capabilities. There is no "easy" way.
  11. Yes sir, you are correct. My bad for not being thorough. The azimuth indicator still stands though.
  12. For the TIS: NFOV = 15 degrees and WFOV = 5 degrees. For the GPS: 3x = 16.5 degrees and 10x = 6.5 degrees.
  13. While preparing to update some wiki entries I noticed a possible bug that appears to have been around for a long time. It seems that the pointers on the Leo 1A4/A5's azimuth indicator are reversed, the large pointer is currently indicating hundreds of mils rather that tens and vice versa with the small pointer. It's not a major issue, unless you're actually trying to use the indicator for its intended purpose. Additionally, unlike other tanks, the manual traverse controls don't seem to function on the Leo 1 in the F1 view.
  14. Yep, yet another unnecessary three-star billet to duplicate the work of an existing command...
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