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  1. Ok, with a bit more testing I figured out what I'd done, thanks for the info.
  2. The TKN-4GA-02 sights on both the BTR-82 and BTR-82A are off by a considerable margin. Both guns are firing about 4mils left and although the ballistics seem to match the range indicators, the aiming caret is either above (at range 0) or below (at ranges above 800m) the actual round impact. As an aside, are the range stadias supposed to move with the aiming caret and range wires? Seems an odd choice if so.
  3. Yep, mostly to the north. Pretty tame here in central Texas.
  4. I can say categorically, that there's no difference in armor package between M1A1HA and HC variants. I personally experienced the conversion process in excruciating detail.
  5. Duly noted; I still intend to combine both on the same entry though, since the only difference is the main weapon.
  6. So here's a question. I'm roughing an update for the BTR-82A page on the wiki and noticed that the BTR-82 is computer controlled. Does it follow that the primary weapon on the BTR-82A will be selectable between the 14.5mm (BTR-82) and the 30mm in the mission editor?
  7. Don't doubt that plenty of people noticed it, but probably like me figured it's not a PE thing, so why comment.
  8. Got pork belly, make bacon. Easy to do and always a seller.
  9. Alright, I tested everything and updated the wiki appropriately. They can be breached by tanks, AEVs, and ARVs plus HE rounds above 105mm.
  10. As noted here in the wiki, Jersey Barriers cannot be breached and are resistant to all AP rounds below 14.5mm, but I did those tests a long time ago so something may have changed since then.
  11. Fixed; I failed to do any shooting on the move when working on that article, so my bad.
  12. Well it won't affect me, but good luck to those who receive a letter and thank you eSim.
  13. Yep, a newly minted 19K, and NET stands for "New Equipment Training".
  14. 3rd AD completed NET to M1A1s in October of '88, I was there.
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