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  1. Best bet is to contact Sean and start from the ground up.
  2. Actually, bringing up the MILAN is a good example. I didn't know about firing from the caret because I've never used the MILAN, don't have access to any manuals, and open-source information on the system is incredibly vague, despite its popularity. Now that I have this nugget I can update the wiki appropriately, but points up the general issue: a lack of institutional knowledge. There's plenty of pages I want to update or flesh out (CV9035, Leo AS1, and the a fore mentioned Samson-mini) but I just don't know enough about them, and trial and error will only take you so far.
  3. We wikiteers try to keep up, but honestly it's a feat to which the cleansing the Augean stables would seem child's play. 😉
  4. Looks like the generator mount on the M577.
  5. No pressure, it'll get done when it's done, but will there be any fix for this with the next patch?
  6. Or even, dare it be said...Linux? I, for one, am sure tired of Microsquash...
  7. All the new linear objects, vehicles, and CSS alterations...updating the wiki is going to be a long process. Oh well, gives me something to do after work...
  8. No, it's fine to update your license now.
  9. It shouldn't be too surprising as the M833 wasn't optimized to defeat the Kontact-5 suite and uses a "softer" staballoy formulation than found in the M829 series.
  10. perfect shot placement, 8" higher and no joy...
  11. True, multiple materials were tested with the XM827 before they settled on an stiffer, but slightly more brittle, version of staballoy (compared to that of the M833) for the future M829.
  12. US DU ammo includes the 105mm M774 and 25mm M919 along with the type classified but non-issued 105mm M735A1 and 120mm XM827.
  13. According to the interview (and I believe earlier in this thread), not yet.
  14. Probably a T-55A m.1974 with the KTD-1 laser rangefinder.
  15. At a scale of 1:50,000 (standard for SB's maps) each grid square is 1km square or 1000x1000m. Check here for further info.
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