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  1. Leo 1 Azimuth Indicator

    Yes sir, you are correct. My bad for not being thorough. The azimuth indicator still stands though.
  2. TIS FoV in wide and narrow view

    For the TIS: NFOV = 15 degrees and WFOV = 5 degrees. For the GPS: 3x = 16.5 degrees and 10x = 6.5 degrees.
  3. Leo 1 Azimuth Indicator

    While preparing to update some wiki entries I noticed a possible bug that appears to have been around for a long time. It seems that the pointers on the Leo 1A4/A5's azimuth indicator are reversed, the large pointer is currently indicating hundreds of mils rather that tens and vice versa with the small pointer. It's not a major issue, unless you're actually trying to use the indicator for its intended purpose. Additionally, unlike other tanks, the manual traverse controls don't seem to function on the Leo 1 in the F1 view.
  4. T55 commanders sight. TKN-1

  5. Texas gets new unit.

    Yep, yet another unnecessary three-star billet to duplicate the work of an existing command...
  6. Gunner controllers

    IP = Intellectual Property; AIM SA = Abrams Integrated Management Situational Awareness
  7. History of US Tanks.

    The man to ask would probably be Ken Estes over at Tanknet.
  8. WIKI snafu's

    Hmmm, that's strange. You should have an "Edit" tab between the "Read" and "View history" tabs.
  9. Ammo change

    Nope. You're locked to the gunner's seat in that scenario, and the A.I. commander is in charge. Change, adapt, and overcome! Oh, and make sure to change your indexed ammo if you're using M1 series tanks.
  10. WIKI snafu's

    Well, I haven't gotten around to finishing that section...but here's the scoop: For forum users prior to about 2014, your registered user name and site password are enough to log into the wiki (far top right button). All other users, or those that the above process doesn't work, need to contact one of the site admins (probably Sean) and get logon credentials. Don't worry, it doesn't take very long.
  11. Virtual Reality support?

    I'll have to remember this one for future use.
  12. It's a Decals thing !

    Unfortunately, decal locations are fixed.
  13. Multiple weapons (ATGM/ main gun/ MG)

    Although the weapon is provided with ammunition, it isn't usable due to the TOW launcher's position.
  14. Ran a quick scenario and the time for all priority targets is about 40 seconds. on board or off. On board assets will start firing within 20 seconds, but then time of flight is added so I assume the same goes for off board assets.
  15. Note that from a practical perspective there is no difference between the T-64B and T-80A/B beyond the T-80's greater speed and somewhat better hull armor.