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  1. Note that on the M1A2 you can move the CITV and designate targets while unbuttoned, but neither the CITV screen or turret clocks are functional from the unbuttoned position, so you kind of have to take a swag (based on where the physical CITV is pointing) at where you're actually looking. Alternatively, using the override to place the target between the MRS (end of the gun tube) and the left side of the GPS housing (dog house) will roughly center the target in the gunner's view.
  2. I want to know this as well as how to shift the console from the commander to gunner so I can update the wiki.
  3. Yeah, that's due to the change from MICLICs being a dedicated vehicle to being an attachment for a given vehicle.
  4. Shift+C toggles the ASU' Moving/Stationary Switch, indicating the the cant unit is functional in sim. Honestly this is all in the wiki...but I agree on being able to zero the azimuth indicator and having a functional quadrant.
  5. I'm working on that...just waiting on a particular manual to arrive.
  6. Yeah, the "Strength points" section is obtuse, but the "Setting up a score" section explains the concept about as clearly as possible. I'll take a stab at clarifying the relevant text this weekend.
  7. Well, they both evolved from the same design criteria, so...
  8. AFAIK it's the year of issue based off of my own research for the wiki, so the latter.
  9. That's a UCOFT (Unit Conduct of Fire Trainer) enclosure. My question is if you (GI Joe) will try to use the original IR sensors at each sight to mange the various screens or try to reflex the sights to a single screen.
  10. If it's the really expensive stick I think it is he can adjust his response curves to minimize any deadzones, but will probably require different profiles for various vehicles. Personally, I've not noticed any issues with either my TM Cougar or Warthog when it comes to deadzones, but I'm not running an FFS or anything crazy like that.
  11. The "n" key is the generic magnification/zoom key for almost all views.
  12. All right, upon further testing the wooden bridge can be affected by HE arty, but such damage is caliber specific (152mm and up) and it can take quite a few rounds to cause damage (average 12-18 rounds to drop one section). Note that this was not the case prior to 4.163 (weeks ago when I did the bulk of my testing), so something changed there, but it works now. Unfortunately the ICM problem still persists.
  13. I used all available platforms including both on and off map arty, from MLRS down to 60mm mortars. In the interest of thoroughness I can rerun the HE tests tomorrow (Monday) once I get to my work laptop [it should be a slow day 😉].
  14. A continuation of this topic, prior to rev. 4.156 all bridges could be damaged during runtime by IEDs and airstrikes, and the wooden bridge (449) by IED, airstrike, HE arty strikes, and main gun HE/HEAT direct fire. Currently all bridges can be damaged by IEDs and ICM arty strikes; all except heavy bridges (ID 443, 444, 445, 446) can be damaged by airstrikes {this seems appropriate]; and the wooden bridge by IED, airstrike, ICM arty strikes, and main gun HE/HEAT direct fire. All bridges are immune to HE arty (including 449) and a 20x20m ICM strike (regardless of delivery platform)
  15. I am actually working on updating the wiki for this, but 2x2000lb bombs should drop a single truss bridge section, while a single 2000lb bomb should suffice for the larger concrete segments.
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