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  1. Since I started this thread Ive got to say how disappointed I am particularly with the troll behavior of dta delta. Having a flame war about my clan/tank is better than you clan/tank is off topic and total BS. The discourse the thread dives into sounds like children fighting over sandcastles. I ask if the Challenger 2 is any good and what does it compare to and you slag it off. Slag each other off and argue scenarios which have no relevance to the modern battlefield. Id have expected this behavior in a Call of Duty forum but I really expected more here.
  2. Ive ben away a few years and am pleasantly surprised to see the Challenger 2 in the usable list. Is it any good? What does it most closely compare too if anything. On the gun range I seemed to do ok with it but Ive not used it in a full game yet. Does this mean the UK is using this sim for training now? I thought thats the only way we can get new vehicles?
  3. Ive been away for a long time and not sure what I get if I buy an update. Lat time I was here we were at the last free Beta. So if I but a upgrade go I get them all for $25 or do I have to buy them all individually? Theres a working playable t 72 and a Challenger 2 now? Is that right ? What upgrades do I need to get a Challenger 2? So at the moment it seems like a lots changed . Some advice would be helpful to see if its worth the $ to get back into this sim . Your help much appreciated Allan
  4. Is there a way to stop them dismounting in the first place? If I set waypoints the vehicles stop, dismount , ( which I dont want ) when I want them to move forward they leave the infantry behind. Is there a way that I can stay in my tank and give orders to my IFV's withought having to jump to them and micromanage them all the time?
  5. New to this. When Im using m2a2's I send them to overwatch . All the infantry dismount. Then It takes ages gettingthemto re mount before I can move the unit again. surely theres a way to stop dismounting? IS there a hot key to cause a remount ? dont dismount? I cant see one in the menue. At the momen tI have to jump to the map. zoom in so I can find teh M2a2's amongst the infantry and then jump in the platoon so I have access to the menu that has remount. Its a pain and theres got to be some way easier. Hope someone can help.
  6. So whats the big hype, If its not playable? I guess it never will be as UK isnt buying Steel Beasts to train with. I guess Ill pass. For $30 Id want something substantial.
  7. Been away a long time. The note at simhq says new challenger. Is that as a playable? Will it have its own 3d fighting compartment? Incidentally cant remember if the Warrior is modeled.
  8. Ive been away for a long while and have no paid for upgrades. Im confused re the upgrades. If I buy the upgrade with the Challanger do I get all of the upgrades or only that upgrade. Reading this thread its not really clear to me
  9. Ive been away fro a couple of years. any recomendations for some good senarios for a beginner. Ones where i wont get overwhelmed and slaughtered while Im re-learning the sim
  10. Nope . Still cant find where your linking me to. But I admire your persiverance
  11. thank you all for your help Singleshot. "Hard to believe" , how so? Ive just been over to e sim and still cant see where you found the link you sent me. I guess the site isnt as easy to navigate as you think it is so please cut me some slack. Thanks for that link , its greatly appreciated
  12. Ive looked around this site and E sim and cant find what exactly has been changed in the 2.460 upgrade. Can someone point me at a link please. And yes I have used search Is there a new manual. Has enough changed in this to warrant buying a new one? From scanning here ( Ive been away for more than a year ) it looks liketheres a new update about to come out. is that free? Hope someone can help a poor returnee
  13. Ive been away a coupleof years and find Ive lost my usb key and cant start up my install. Can I get a new key. how do I set about that ? Yes I have searched the forum but found nothing that helped. Hope someone here can.
  14. thanks. never saw that . been gone a long time and not up to speed with developments. shame to have to pay for them
  15. Ive used search in the download section but cant find any reference to the winners of the last senario competition. Am I missing something?
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