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  1. Sorry, but this is not true at all for like years.. They have their Catalyst mobile drivers which should be possible to install on any supported cards. The manufacturers only provide certified drivers in some cases (like for professional laptops). E.g. some time back I've installed M7820 FirePro card (basically a pro edition of the 5870M) into my old backup Dell Precision M6400 workstation, downloaded Catalyst GAMING (not FirePro) drivers and installed them with no fuss. Nvidia allows the same thing for their Quadro series (I've used FX3700M on that laptop before switching to the AMD as it consumes less and is somewhat newer tech).
  2. Sorry for stating the obvious here, but is it still called like this ("BV") in the game?
  3. Very nice work, thanks. Will try it out for sure when it's out.
  4. That's it, except that it doesn't really work: The license cannot be transferred into the selected CmContainer. Please use a different CmContainer and try again. Error Code = 0x18080005
  5. The Wiki page mentions that the problem is not drag, but smaller weight. Interesting that the Tiger tank penetration data shows that the German PzGr.40 APCR maintained its penetration advantage over the PzGr.39 APCBC throughout the envelope, but I guess accuracy suffered then in longer ranges.
  6. There were the Mi-24P and VP variants (though only 25 of the latter were made apparently).
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