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  1. Yep thanks known that's just a limitation of our engine (please squint a bit..)
  2. Is this about the actual files (filenames, foldernames), or about the UI (ie the string shown in the 'camouflage' drop-down list)?
  3. That would be a shame since this thread is super helpful
  4. Retro


    Oh wow RIP
  5. Dumb question, but does this folder (F:\jeux\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages") exist?
  6. This is very weird.. could you please download the attached script and execute it (I know, that's dangerous on the internet but I promise this script is OK 🐵 ? It will produce a file called 'SentThisToEsimGames.txt' on your desktop, could you please then either paste its contents here or upload it? For some reason it seems that the tools are configured wrongly, so that they cannot communicate correctly.. PrintIPCFolder.cmd
  7. Could you please paste the content of the 'ServiceLog.txt' file? There should be a link to the 'Service Log Folder' in the Map Tools' Start Menu folder..
  8. Interesting, judging from the log file, your 'secondary' server is actually on 4.161?
  9. Would it be possible for you to upload a screenshot of your 'Release' folder, showing the 'wrong' icon and details like file size etc? Right now my suspicion would be some kind of antivirus software 'quarantining' the SB executable..
  10. Do you have any sound mods? Seems it's crashing trying to read a sound file.. try moving them out out of the way and restarting.. maybe we can narrow it down
  11. Yep that's right, sorry for this bare-bones UI. Basically this is the most complicated backwards-compatibility case since BOTH the heightmap (the terrain relief, basically) and the terrainmap (buildings, terrain types etc) only exist embedded in the scenario file (and actually not the whole map is embedded but only the part of the map the scenario takes place on).. while a conversion would in principle be possible, you'd really be better off if you could locate (at the least) the original, complete, heightmap file.. so it was also the least important case to be implemented. Of course if the scenario is all you have, it would be nice to have that option..
  12. Retro

    Map problem

    Would it be possible to do a screenshot of that message? Thanks
  13. Well actually yes you should be able to (slowly) move the autotracking's impact point around, just like it works on the Ulan or ERCWS-M. While autotracking, the control handle sensitivity should be (severly) reduced, but still it should be possible to 'nudge' the aimpoint off-target-center. Of course that applies to MANUAL adjustements. By default, our autotracking implementation simply tracks center-of-target (but that being said, if there's no LOS to the target's center, it should not really be picked up by the autotracking in the first place..)
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