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  1. 2019 has the commander's direct optics removed
  2. Quite a few vehicles/weapons show that effect now..
  3. The fennek at least allows you to 'decouple' the cranks and just shove the turret around, IIRC that works by holding down the 'P' key while moving the mouse (in azimuth)
  4. I don't think that's the same issue.. certainly a 'you are not allowed to install this software' measure would not be to BSOD the PC?
  5. This is weird, at which step in the installation process does it say that?
  6. I don't see how the installer could crash your operating system
  7. Yep thanks known that's just a limitation of our engine (please squint a bit..)
  8. Is this about the actual files (filenames, foldernames), or about the UI (ie the string shown in the 'camouflage' drop-down list)?
  9. That would be a shame since this thread is super helpful
  10. Dumb question, but does this folder (F:\jeux\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages") exist?
  11. This is very weird.. could you please download the attached script and execute it (I know, that's dangerous on the internet but I promise this script is OK 🐵 ? It will produce a file called 'SentThisToEsimGames.txt' on your desktop, could you please then either paste its contents here or upload it? For some reason it seems that the tools are configured wrongly, so that they cannot communicate correctly.. PrintIPCFolder.cmd
  12. Could you please paste the content of the 'ServiceLog.txt' file? There should be a link to the 'Service Log Folder' in the Map Tools' Start Menu folder..
  13. Interesting, judging from the log file, your 'secondary' server is actually on 4.161?
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