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  1. ..which the game really should be able to handle, and will be, with the next patch
  2. So I really like the vertical video format for watching on the smartphone..
  3. https://www.youtube.com/shorts/C9ON9V3pgcc So what you can do is to click the link to the 'shorts' youtube look at the address bar, which looks something like this https://www.youtube.com/shorts/C9ON9V3pgcc copy the text/ID after the 'shorts', ie C9ON9V3pgcc open a new browser window/tab, paste the following link into the address bar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= append the 'shorts' video ID C9ON9V3pgcc press ENTER That's what I do..
  4. Hm I guess we could add a confirmation dialogue that shows the user where the maps would be placed?
  5. So it's actually a feature that, if the PSS (TC's panoramic sight system) is in ALIGNED mode, and if the gun goes into loading position, the PSS switches over to show whatever the GSS (gunner's sight system) is using. I guess that's another 'safety feature' so that the TC can keep an eye on his gunner (?). Upon leaving the loading position, the original view should be restored (I've found a bug in that code though, thanks for pointing that out). In the PSS's OBSERVATION mode (ie independend view) nothing should actually change. Hmm do you mean in multiplayer, that another player occuping the gunner's position hears the (AI) TC screaming commands? Or if you're in the TC position, you mean you hear TC sound samples being played?
  6. Could you upload the scenario as well please?
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hofstadter's_law
  8. Did you download it from this download page? I went back and downloaded 'version 1' (from Sep 05, 2019), and then the (confusingly named) 'version 1' (from Sep 08, 2019) and these archives are binary identical (even though the changelog says that there are "Fewer rocks and more heaps and holes in the ground! "). Then I compared the map package metadata from the delta contained in the downloaded archive to the delta I downloaded using the '83b496f3-2e61-490c-99c1-9af48903c8e2' UID and found that these are ALSO identical. You wrote 'It now appears there is a newer version. ' but at least to me it seems that there is in fact NO update at all, which then of course makes it clear why SB refused to do anything (because there is no change!). So I'm confused, where did you see this announcement about the new version?
  9. This is correct. Each SB process instance maintains its own list of map packages (and if the process quits this list is lost). The 'refresh' button really is only needed if the user manually adds/deletes/modifies a map package 'outside' of the tools the SB UI provides (not recommended, but necessary sometimes..)
  10. On first evaluation that seems to be a crash in the AMD graphics driver DLL.. but odd that it would only affect this one scenario hm
  11. Ich habe nachgefragt, das Handbuch ist falsch. Ein kurzer Druck genuegt um den Vorhalt zu loeschen. Die Laser Taste muss eine Sekunde gedrueckt werden um den Vorhalt einzustellen. Damit kann nach erfolgreicher Bekaempfung des einen Zieles (mit Vorhalt) sofort auf ein anderes (statisches) Ziel geschossen werden, ohne 1s warten zu muessen Bug in SB. Das Rechnerbediengeraet sollte immer die Einstellung des Daumenradschalters reflektieren.. ist noch nicht behoben
  12. Yes. Also vehicles being skylined will be spotted faster.
  13. These messages are created whenever the application refreshes the list of map packages (this happens at startup, automatically at certain points during runtime, but also if you press the 'Refresh' button in the map package browse dialogue). Basically, a map package is only 'recognized' by SB if the loading code deems that it is complete and uncorrupted (so that the application can forgo checking everywhere maps are touched, as the assumption is that only 'proper' ones get loaded), and these maps fail that check for one reason or other. So I do not believe they are related to the scenario loading issue at hand. To get rid of these warnings, simply either delete or move the folders references in these messages out of your map package folder 'C:/ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages\Schwarmstedt_Bergen_Soltau (2) [autocreated base]\deltas\Schwarmstedt-Bergen-Munster_summer\' 'C:/ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages\Sweden Swordsmandk [autocreated base]\' C:/ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages\Wolf junk [autocreated base]\' 'C:/ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages\Wolf [autocreated base]\deltas\Beedenbostel_autosave_2018-07-13_1633\' As to WHY these are all corrupted (or 'unloadable', at any rate) I am not sure, we'd have to check them individually (and if they are too large or if you know they're junk, it might be not worth the bother). Might be because SB crashed while saving the map (apologies if that happened, shouldn't obviously) or maybe some beta/interim version, or if you manually moved/copied a delta map and accidentially put them into the wrong base folder, or something else..
  14. Danke sollte behoben sein Den Knopf muss fuer ein paar Sekunden gedrueckt werden.. es scheint aber ein Problem zugeben wenn die Richtanlage nicht schon aktiv ist.. also zzt brav vorher R/A einschalten, dann Stab gedrueckt halten.. Das Bundesheer hat sich die ball. Werte fuer MZ nicht leisten koennen/wollen, und Ueb scheint nah genug dran zu sein - also Feature, nicht Bug Ich schliesse nicht aus dass unsere Dokumentation hier falsch ist, muesste man nachfragen.. Muss noch untersucht werden Muesste man auch mit den RL Bedienern checken.. Danke sollte behoben sein
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