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  1. On first evaluation that seems to be a crash in the AMD graphics driver DLL.. but odd that it would only affect this one scenario hm
  2. Ich habe nachgefragt, das Handbuch ist falsch. Ein kurzer Druck genuegt um den Vorhalt zu loeschen. Die Laser Taste muss eine Sekunde gedrueckt werden um den Vorhalt einzustellen. Damit kann nach erfolgreicher Bekaempfung des einen Zieles (mit Vorhalt) sofort auf ein anderes (statisches) Ziel geschossen werden, ohne 1s warten zu muessen Bug in SB. Das Rechnerbediengeraet sollte immer die Einstellung des Daumenradschalters reflektieren.. ist noch nicht behoben
  3. Yes. Also vehicles being skylined will be spotted faster.
  4. These messages are created whenever the application refreshes the list of map packages (this happens at startup, automatically at certain points during runtime, but also if you press the 'Refresh' button in the map package browse dialogue). Basically, a map package is only 'recognized' by SB if the loading code deems that it is complete and uncorrupted (so that the application can forgo checking everywhere maps are touched, as the assumption is that only 'proper' ones get loaded), and these maps fail that check for one reason or other. So I do not believe they are related to the scenario loading issue at hand. To get rid of these warnings, simply either delete or move the folders references in these messages out of your map package folder 'C:/ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages\Schwarmstedt_Bergen_Soltau (2) [autocreated base]\deltas\Schwarmstedt-Bergen-Munster_summer\' 'C:/ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages\Sweden Swordsmandk [autocreated base]\' C:/ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages\Wolf junk [autocreated base]\' 'C:/ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages\Wolf [autocreated base]\deltas\Beedenbostel_autosave_2018-07-13_1633\' As to WHY these are all corrupted (or 'unloadable', at any rate) I am not sure, we'd have to check them individually (and if they are too large or if you know they're junk, it might be not worth the bother). Might be because SB crashed while saving the map (apologies if that happened, shouldn't obviously) or maybe some beta/interim version, or if you manually moved/copied a delta map and accidentially put them into the wrong base folder, or something else..
  5. Danke sollte behoben sein Den Knopf muss fuer ein paar Sekunden gedrueckt werden.. es scheint aber ein Problem zugeben wenn die Richtanlage nicht schon aktiv ist.. also zzt brav vorher R/A einschalten, dann Stab gedrueckt halten.. Das Bundesheer hat sich die ball. Werte fuer MZ nicht leisten koennen/wollen, und Ueb scheint nah genug dran zu sein - also Feature, nicht Bug Ich schliesse nicht aus dass unsere Dokumentation hier falsch ist, muesste man nachfragen.. Muss noch untersucht werden Muesste man auch mit den RL Bedienern checken.. Danke sollte behoben sein
  6. This is actually surprisingly hard to do (if you're not interested in details, now would be a good point to bail out) since the theme file's information (but not its filename!) is directly embedded in the scenario file, so we actually don't know where the theme data came from. You might have noticed that with 4.2 theme files allow to add 'author' and 'description' info but that likewise does not contain the file name (since that might change at any point anyway) so that's not too helpful either and would not contain any info for older-version themes as well
  7. I tried to reproduce this but it seems to work fine here (nice scripting idea!). Could you please upload the saved scenario(s) that crash for you? Maybe it's something subtle like a camouflage setting or callsign or such
  8. 2019 has the commander's direct optics removed
  9. Quite a few vehicles/weapons show that effect now..
  10. The fennek at least allows you to 'decouple' the cranks and just shove the turret around, IIRC that works by holding down the 'P' key while moving the mouse (in azimuth)
  11. I don't think that's the same issue.. certainly a 'you are not allowed to install this software' measure would not be to BSOD the PC?
  12. This is weird, at which step in the installation process does it say that?
  13. I don't see how the installer could crash your operating system
  14. Yep thanks known that's just a limitation of our engine (please squint a bit..)
  15. Is this about the actual files (filenames, foldernames), or about the UI (ie the string shown in the 'camouflage' drop-down list)?
  16. That would be a shame since this thread is super helpful
  17. Dumb question, but does this folder (F:\jeux\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages") exist?
  18. This is very weird.. could you please download the attached script and execute it (I know, that's dangerous on the internet but I promise this script is OK 🐵 ? It will produce a file called 'SentThisToEsimGames.txt' on your desktop, could you please then either paste its contents here or upload it? For some reason it seems that the tools are configured wrongly, so that they cannot communicate correctly.. PrintIPCFolder.cmd
  19. Could you please paste the content of the 'ServiceLog.txt' file? There should be a link to the 'Service Log Folder' in the Map Tools' Start Menu folder..
  20. Interesting, judging from the log file, your 'secondary' server is actually on 4.161?
  21. Would it be possible for you to upload a screenshot of your 'Release' folder, showing the 'wrong' icon and details like file size etc? Right now my suspicion would be some kind of antivirus software 'quarantining' the SB executable..
  22. Do you have any sound mods? Seems it's crashing trying to read a sound file.. try moving them out out of the way and restarting.. maybe we can narrow it down
  23. Yep that's right, sorry for this bare-bones UI. Basically this is the most complicated backwards-compatibility case since BOTH the heightmap (the terrain relief, basically) and the terrainmap (buildings, terrain types etc) only exist embedded in the scenario file (and actually not the whole map is embedded but only the part of the map the scenario takes place on).. while a conversion would in principle be possible, you'd really be better off if you could locate (at the least) the original, complete, heightmap file.. so it was also the least important case to be implemented. Of course if the scenario is all you have, it would be nice to have that option..
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