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  1. The author seems to be linked to the USMC. Interested in how you’ve put you VBS suites together for open access. British army has VBS but not in a easy access form that you imply.
  2. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/kevin-williamson-90a56b251_wargaming-cots-training-activity-7096333608189079552-tBpV?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_ios Been a few post in the last few days featuring this great sim!!! This is just one example.
  3. Unreal have a defence team so that may be changing...
  4. Cheers. Got to get the BC written and approved first…
  5. Mark, Really helpful - I've finally sent the PM - its got me personal and military emails on to use. One of my Troop Leaders is keen to take the lead.
  6. Been in the throws of changing day jobs - PM inbound...
  7. Thanks both for the comments. I’ll drop you both a direct message tomorrow. Really helpful.
  8. Evening all. I have been having some discussions with my team in how to achieve mounted training for my reservists. We are looking to scope the option of a Sim Lab to run SB to deliver crew, Tp and Sqn training. I would welcome thoughts on what we might need - especially from those who are already using it for this function: My initial thoughts are: Excon x 1 Blue Roleplayer x 2 (Inf, Engrs, Arty, flanking etc etc...) OPFOR Roleplayer x1 (the meanies) Training troops x 18 Means I could do: Commanders only (18 computers) Gunners and Commanders (2 Tps of 4 = 16 computers) Gunners Commanders and Drivers (1 Tp = 12 computers) Max total number of computers = 22. I am thinking laptops for ease of setup and storage etc - an idea of what I should be looking at would also be very helpful. Clearly we are going to have to apply for funding so I can't kick the arse out of it - but it needs to work. Clearly SB liceneces would be required and that will be $115 x 22 = $2,530 - unless there is a smarter way of doing this... Thoughts welcome. Cheers - CharlieB
  9. Try "Brothers in Arms" by James Holland https://www.amazon.co.uk/Brothers-Arms-Legendary-Regiments-Bloody/dp/1787633942 Excellent read following the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry from their landings on D-Day (6th June '44) through to the end of WW2 Equally - "Tank Action" by David Render https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tank-Action-Armoured-Commanders-1944-45-ebook/dp/B01BT3Z9WK/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2D5DR4ER4XIH4&keywords=Tank+Action&qid=1662472368&s=books&sprefix=tank+action%2Cstripbooks%2C51&sr=1-1 David Render was a Troop leader in the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry, who joined the Regiment on D+5 and fought with the Regt through to Armistice. This a great account of life as a young troop leader in WW2. I too have recently re-read Red Storm Rising, First Clash, Team Yankee and The Defense of Hill 781. All good reads.
  10. CharlieB

    CR2 HESH

    I sense so more research required. regardless. Still says smk in the tell back when it should say HESH…
  11. CharlieB

    CR2 HESH

    From my experience it tends to be long. I can’t tell whether it’s indexing wrong or just showing wrong. in real life Hesh is not great on the move and is a three round engagement normally. I don’t think we have the Hesh correction process either, but would have to check.
  12. CharlieB

    CR2 HESH

    Challenger 2 CE engagement. Notoriously hard to hit stuff on the move with HESH but the ballistic solution seems to be routinely long. The tell backs also indicate that the loader is selecting smoke and not HESH in the loaders control panel when HESH is loaded. On the real vehicle the two do have a different ballistic solution but I don’t know if that is represented here, and therefore the cause of the problem. could be my poor shooting. If that’s the case could the tell back be changed to HESH from SMK? Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the heads up SSnake!
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