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  1. Have to say that I would be somewhat surprised if the armour capabilities have been released... I would also not mind seeing the links to see where they have come from and whether they are any good - i hope not.
  2. CharlieB


    ill have to find my old paper copy!
  3. Matsimus - once again a really good find from the archives - reminds me of the GENFOR lessons on my Tp leaders course! Its all about that 3rd Shock Army!
  4. I Still thought it was good - what are the differences?
  5. TOP read and still one of my favourites!!
  6. Is there a way of manipulating the Height file in order to change the relief of the terrain. I enjoy making scenarios, but trawling the Terrain and Height files to suit the tactical problem is time consuming. This is very much the experience when trying to find appropriate Relief for the Team Yankee Missions I am working through...
  7. Pistol, carbine and the GPMG from the roof - although I agree with Gibsonm - leaving was the priority and you went with what you were wearing...
  8. Thanks Hedgehog. The reality is that the smoke does not help the russian. The HE and ICM is a bummer though. Does make it hard work. Need to work on the scoring as mentioned in a review. Will look at that in more detail for mission 2 - when I get around to it. 60's are not really my era as I was in negative age...
  9. I suspect that this would be the only way of doing it. I also don't imagine that it would be simple. Why do I think it is useful? I would hardly be able to debrief units on cross boundary direct or indirect fire if the AI units were doing it. I would also not want to remove their right to self defence, ie it is fine to engage across a boundary if you yourself are being engage or have deconflicted with the neighbouring unit... As I said - I suspect it would not be simple. Fire at units it this area or if being engaged... Possibly one for the wish list...
  10. The test above is using the flat terrain file so not really. Clearly in reality this would be the case.
  11. Cant create the effect. If you use the command open fire if Unit this can see at least 1 enemy forces in 1Pl EA, they open fire but will engage En in both EA 1Pl and EA 2Pl. In the basic scenario to Pls are advancing within their EAs. These are two boxes either side of a Pl boundary.
  12. I will give this a go as described and see if I can create the effect I am after...
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