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  1. Team Yankee Mission 1

    This mission is based on the first mission from Team Yankee.  It has been some time in development.  Grateful for comments good and bad.
    Not sure I have mastered the scoring yet...


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  2. 1/2 Sqn Gp Delay

    This is a work in progress so I would appreciate any feedback.

    It is a delay mission with flanking forces from a third allied party.

    Own forces are a CR2 1/2 Sqn, WR AI platoon, a 1/2 CVR(T) Recce Pl and logistic and ES elements.

    You must delay for 120 mins to succeed


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    Hostilities between KAMON and TYTAN formally ended with the signing of the UN ceasefire agreement. Under the terms of the ceasefire agreement KAMON forces were to withdraw WEST across the International Border. The KAMON army have not shown any intent of withdrawing and have continued to develop defensive positions inside the TYTAN border. NATO forces have continued to deploy to theatre to reinforce the Government of TYTAN (GoT). KAMON forces were given an additional 48hrs beyond the UN deadline before NATO commences combat operations in order to re-establish the integrity of TYTAN borders.

    Any comments or bugs please let me know!!!

    Charlie B


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  4. 1/2 Sqn Advance with Obs

    Half Coy (+) Adv with Obs (WMU) V1-Dawn.sce
    Obs Crossings

    In this mission you will be required to overcome 2 obs using engineer Callsigns, whilst in contact or with the threat of contact.

    The overall theme of the Msn it to:



    SECURE the LOE.

    TIME: 27APR09 0200Z

    Time Now 0440Z

    H Hour 0500Z - (Yes you are starting in the dark!)

    Situation Enemy Forces.

    Enemy are situated throughout the area in small and often uncoordinated locations. However do not under estimate, as in places he will know what he is doing. It is thought the the enemy are light on inf but have a significant no of T72s and ASLAV 25 Recce cars.

    The enemy are spread throughout the AO and it is expected that they will deny bridges to freindly forces. AVN and airbourne ISTAR assets may also still be operating whithin the AO

    Freindly Forces


    10 Leopardo 2E (1A, 2A, COA, and XOA)
    1 x Pl Pizzaro
    Biber x2
    Miclic x 2
    Leo 2 A5 Mine plough
    2 x sect Engr Recce (CO and XO)
    Plus a CSS section in case ammo runs dry.


    You are to transit from the Assy area accross the LD (PL Anna), secure a crossing over the river (PL Nicola) 2 possible bridging sites are maked in the overlay, then continue the advance east and secure the LOE. You are to clear enemy from within boundries in order to establish a safe MSR for follow on forces.


    Attack Helo Tiger are on call for 2 objectives (AH OP 1 and AH OP2).


    Air is available.


    UAV C/S 6A attached for duration


    Each side has a Bty of 155mm Arty in support, capable of firing ICM, HE and Smk. All C/S can call in fires.


    Msn will end when blue have secured the LOE with a minimum of 3 vehs.

    Good luck


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  5. Desert Convoy Escort

    The Northern Patrol Base is running low on supplies. All Aviation assets are currently busy on other tasks. The resupply is going to have to be by road.

    Your task is to protect the convoy.

    Good luck. The insurgents have been waiting for an oportunity like this!


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  6. ARRC Msn 1 Updated.

    Attached file is the updated version to the original in this section having taken into account TACBATs comments in the forum.

    Hope this makes more use.


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  7. ARRC Missions 1 and 2

    Missions will play as complex single player but also as CO-OP.

    Mission 1:


    a) Enemy:

    Pol: Following intense and scheduled period of summer manoeuvre exercises, the armed forces of the People Republic of COTTUS (PROC) have commenced unprovoked hostilities against neighbouring MAGOG. It is thought that due to the worsening situation in the PROC economy the PROC leadership have decided that it needs to seize the oil rich region in MAGOG.

    Mil: The PROC Land Forces consist of 2 x Combined Arms Army Corps (CAAC). Recent Military expenditure has seen both CAACs upgraded to include predominantly Russian equipment including the following: MBT = T72 and T80, AFV = BMP 1 and 2 and M113, Avn = Hind and CH47. Both CAACs have significant amounts of arty integral down to Bn level. Engr assets are also concentrated forward to Bn level. It is assessed that the PROC Arty is CBRN capable but command for the release of agent is held at senior governmental level.

    Current Situation: You are facing the initial elements of the 1st Ech 1 CAAC (1/1 CAAC) It is assessed the initial objectives are the river crossings and significant centres of population. Crossing will need to be seized in order to allow the send Ech of 1/1 CAAC to continue the advance. Initial elements are likely to include Recce, Armour and Armd Inf. It is also expected that Avn will be operating in your sector both AH and SH.

    b) Own:

    Pol: Widespread condemnation of the PROC actions has been heard from the wider international community. As a NATO member state MAGOG has requested that Article 5 be sanctioned by the NATO council. NATO have agreed and has commenced preparation to launch the NATO Response Force (NRF) to MAGOG to reinforce the MAGOG LF (MLF). Member states have also been tasked to ready and deploy ARRC units for the impending deployment to MAGOG.

    Mil: NRF forces have deployed to MAGOG and are prepared to assist in the defence of MAGOG sovereignty. These forces are particularly light and will be able to provide limited assistance to the 3 MLF Bdes. ARRC units will be combat ready within 10 days. Fighting Units of the ARRC will consist of 1 UK Armd Div, 1 Deu Pz Div, 1st US Armd Div and the British 16 Air Assault Bde. SF are provided by UK and US.

    Current Situation: Pls from A Coy, 2nd Inf Regt of 3 MLF Mech Bde have established defensive positions covering the major river xing sites at UNTERBREIZBACH, RASA and to the SW of RASA. Bde Recce assets have pushed forward to cover likely routes for the PROC adv, this is expected to be from the direction of VACHA. The Coy have been reinforced by a Tp of Leo 1 A5s from the 2nd Royal MAGOG Dragoon Guards (2RMDG)(1 Tp A Sqn 2RMDG). 6 x Leo 2 A5s have also moved forward from the NRF in order to reinforce. A further two Tps (8) of Leo 2 A4 are available in reserve.

    2) MISSION:


    In order to allow ARRC more time in which to deploy.

    Mission 2:


    a) Enemy:

    Pol: The Commencement of hostilities by the PROC Government has caused widespread condemnation from the Global community. Diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis have made little to no progress.

    Mil: Initial operations of PROC LF have been successful catching MAGOG LF and NATO unprepared. Losses have been taken but PROC Units are not thought to be less than 80% Combat Effective at Subunit level.

    Current Situation: Initial element of 1/1 CAAC have secured river crossings in the KONRODE HOHENRODA MANSBACH Triangle. It is expected that follow on forces will exploit these early successes in order to press home the current advantage. PROC forces are expected to advance in order to secure further crossings and geographical objectives on the line EITEFELD LEIBLZ GROBENTAFT RASDORF. GROBENTAFT and RASDORF both have large concentration of Ethnic Cottosians who are likely to support the PROC action. Size and capability of PROC Forces in your AOR are currently unknown but it is at least 1 to 2 Coy size groupings should be expected. PROC still hold a significant AVN capability in both AH and SH. Airmobile forces could be employed to secure choke points on the axis of advance.

    b) Own:

    Pol: Diplomatic effort are being stepped up but at this time the PROC government are not receptive to any negotiations. NATO forces have been deployed in support of MAGOG under NATO Atricle 5. NRF forces have provided the spearhead with HQ ARRC providing the bulk of the Combat power.

    Mil: Deployment of NRF forces in complete. In addition the ARRC has deployed in the region of 70% of it capability. MLF Bdes continue to delay the advance of PROC forces but this is proving costly. Timely reinforcement is critical.

    Current Situation: MLF forces have withdrawn in order to prepare defence positions to the SW of KIRKHASEL. A Sqn and B Coy are tasked to delay, disrupt and if possible stop, the expected enemy advance SW from NE of PL MINNOW. A Sqn and B Coy have been reinforced with an 8 car Recce Tp. In addition a number of MAGOG reservists have decided to stay and defend their homes. These Tps are dismounted and have limited manoeuvre capability. Support must be given where capability can be spared.

    2) MISSION:


    In order to allow MLF time to prepare Main Defensive areas SW of PL TROUT.

    Enjoy - feedback always great!


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  8. Advance to Contact

    New update includes ammendments suggested in the Forum ie ARP, and messages from flanking formations wrt enemy mov. Having played the mission last night in COOP I have also introduced penalty zones plus of the boundries. Many thanks, CharlieB File contains the Msn File and Stuart666's Salisbury plain map on which this msn is based. Adv to contact from Battlesbury to Imber and secure LOE. You command a Sqn Gp including Recce, inf and CSS elements in addition to your Sqn of Leo 2a5s. Scenario work well with King tiger's CR2 and WR modifications for the Leo2 A5 and the CV9040B. En is randomized to encourage playability. Msn is good for single player if you are happy with all the moving parts or better as a multiplayer for teams such as the ARRC. Good luck and feedback very welcome.


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  9. Salisbury Plain Air Assault

    Armour and Air Assault OP on Salisbury Plain. Leo2A5, M2A2, ASLAV, Engr and Air Assault using Griffins. Designed for single player but would play well as a multi player with some minor changes to the scripting.


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  10. Replen Demo

    Demonstration of Replen


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  11. River Crossing V2

    This is the revised version of my first attempt. I have worked on the sequencing etc. Scoring is still a bit of a black art! Please feel free to isert your own plan but this one took some time Good luck


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