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  1. On 7/25/2019 at 10:35 PM, Koen said:


    Could it be turned into a series of SB scenario’s ?


    On 7/26/2019 at 10:06 AM, Gibsonm said:


    Well "Defense of Hill 781" was required reading for me when I was one - submit your book review to the Adjutant for marking.


    When I became a Squadron Commander and CO I could pass on the tradition to the latest batch of Subalterns. ;)

    Just finished reading this one. Despite being written in 88 the debrief points probably read the same for many exercises happening today!!


    A really good read for anyone wanting an insight to Battle Group (uk term) or Task Force planning tactics and execution.


    i would make it compulsory reading for Pl (Tp), Coy (Sqn) leaders and HQ staffs! And all the support arms!!


    The importance of a strong and capable XO (BG 2IC / COS) comes through really strong emphasising the importance of G4 logistics, medical and maintenance.


    thoroughly recommended.


    A series of missions. Depends if the ground is accurate to the NTC maps?  Someone more familiar with that terrain and terrain file will know better!


    what to read next?

  2. I have been off for a while and coming back on.


    In the past i have enjoyed creating a number of tactical vignettes and have had a go at creating missions from things like Team Yankee... or from vignettes used in training.


    frustratingly many of these are not based in the real world and therefore a significant amount of time can be spent hunting for the right bit of ground...


    the key key to this is the elevation data.  The terrain can be “painted” on after.


    what I would like to be able to do is manipulate the height map file to alter the relief to suit the vignette.


    is there a way of doing this either within SB or through another system that can create a height file that can be imported into SB?


    Many thanks in advance...

  3. I did this for my Team Yankee Mission.  I had the last Ter file created and the Hgt which was the old Hmap.Hgt file.


    Having brought in the Hgt and the the Ter, the system created the new package which is 91MB.  Pulled it into the mission file and everything works fine.


    I suspect some of my earlier creations are going to be missing the detail.  May have a look if I find time in the downloads section...

  4. 5 hours ago, Gibsonm said:


    Certainly here.


    Run the sim 4 or 5 times to get the major kinks out, then do dry trg, then do live trg.


    With AFVs having limits on Track kms, etc. you need to ensure that the dry / live trg is "confirmatory" as opposed to fixing elementary issues.

    Spot on and something I continued to say in my last years when serving.  Can’t waste valuable field time learning stuff. Live confirmation following intensive and continuous simulation, both virtual and constructive to train both tactics and staff...


    a little off topic....

  5. I tried to get mine to read it and get them introduced to the YOs course after sub unit command.


    The lessons from first clash, team Yankee  and brig Patrick cordingly’s in the eye of the storm were extremely useful when acting as the Armour Observer Mentor for Battle Group Training in the UK.


    Amazing how much of the basics had been eroded by Ops in Afghanistan...

  6. Been sucked in and just ordered on Amazon Uk...


    what with first clash, team Yankee etc becoming a bit of a library.


    wish some of these had been on the reading list as a young Tp Leader!!!

  7. 19 minutes ago, Ssnake said:

    Can you point me to those sources?

    Obviously, we'd rather fix our models than to offload that responsibility to our customers.

    Have to say that I would be somewhat surprised if the armour capabilities have been released...


    I would also not mind seeing the links to see where they have come from and whether they are any good - i hope not.

  8. On 12/29/2017 at 7:37 AM, matsimus said:



    Matsimus - once again a really good find from the archives - reminds me of the GENFOR lessons on my Tp leaders course!  Its all about that 3rd Shock Army!

  9. Is there a way of manipulating the Height file in order to change the relief of the terrain.


    I enjoy making scenarios, but trawling the Terrain and Height files to suit the tactical problem is time consuming.  This is very much the experience when trying to find appropriate Relief for the Team Yankee Missions I am working through...

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