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  1. To add, in the USA system "2" is the senior wingman because they (not "1") lead the formation when in column, so they could possibly be the lead tank of a CO Team or even BN Task Force. SB default: Line/Wedge: (Left to Right) 3-1-2-4 Column (Front to Rear): 1-2-3-4 Sections: A) 1-3 B) 2-4 USA Actual: Line/Wedge: (Left to Right) 2-1-4-3 Column (Front to Rear): 2-1-4-3 Sections: A) 1-2 B) 4-3
  2. Honestly I'm having a negative effect, using d3d9.dll frame rates drop to 6 FPS In the Mission Editor I setup a small test using the Fulda map, one vehicle in middle of the city with artillery smoke dropping a few hundred meters away Tested several variations: no mod, with x32 d3d9.dll, with x64 d3d9.dll, and both with dxgi.dll Standard game I get 24-30 FPS, drops to 10 FPS in the smoke With any d3d9.dll mod I only get 6-8 FPS max (using ALT+F12 to see FPS) Both in Windowed and Full Screen ALT+D (Terrain Draw Distance) all set to max, ALT+G (Graphics) set pretty low. Any advice?
  3. Does anyone have advice, tips, tricks on how to function as a T-72 tank commander when buttoned up? I apologize if this has been asked and answered before, I did try a forum search first but most deal with tank gunnery. I've been playing SB for a bit over a year now mostly as a TC or gunner for NATO tanks (Abrams, Leo, etc..), no problems there (was an Abrams crewman IRL). Recently I'm trying to learn Soviet tanks, mostly T-72. After some practice I understand the gunnery part, but now trying to work as a T-72 tank commander damn is it difficult to maintain situational awareness and stay in formation when buttoned up (which I assume is how they fought and what I want to learn). I tried a custom Platoon Recon mission but those didn't go well. So I made a simple scripted scenario with a Soviet tank company that starts in column then deploys into line of battle, I've played several times as a wingman TC but still get lost and fall out of formation while buttoned up. The vision blocks only give a small forward field of view, for the periscope I use the "," key for azimuth stabilization but still bounces around too much on the move to make sense of anything. Is there something I'm missing? Any advice? Thanks.
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