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  1. from what i see, it looks like ב3 , and in yom kipur they used numbers and letters (as well as other markings), e.g: http://www.yadlashiryon.com/show_item.asp?levelId=63829&itemId=2902 2א
  2. http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/sbgallery/main.php?g2_itemId=16940 on the centurion - i think i read 3B (in Hebrew) and Israeli serial number in pic #7. I wonder where that is going...
  3. I am using English, but the problem seems more like an IFF related. As for the thermal sight, in the M1A1 it appears fine.
  4. The problem does not consists in the M1A1. also, i think there is a glitch in the thermal sight low mag markers (see attached pic).
  5. I came across this behavior in the leo2a5 and strv122. maybe I will run the range with some other vehicle and see if the pattern repeats itself.
  6. Hello, After updating to the new release, the TC at the fire range keeps calling "hold fire", does not spot targets for me (except the first one) and does not change ammo type. It happened it 2.538 and onward. Best regards.
  7. Where is the optical payload mast?
  8. In the spam indeed! Thanks for the heads up...
  9. Hi all, I'm on the mailing list and did not get the newsletter. A - How come? B - where can I obtain it anyhow? Best regards, Desert.
  10. I was referring to the Slsgr 95, which is worse than the DM12 with a velocity of 744 m/s (DM12 velocity is 1180 m/s) which makes it the slowest 120mm round in SB and one of the slowest ammunitions available. data is from the wiki, which I guess means muzzle velocity. at such velocity, from a distance of 2000m, the target has about 4 seconds to alternate its heading, height or speed. in addition, any error in tracking will be noticed greatly.
  11. Is there a reason why the HEAT round on the leopardo is much less prone to hit the target? I guess it has to do with different ballistics caused by the barrel (though i haven't noticed it in the STRV122). how closely it simulates the real trajectory? if this is the case in real life, any minor gunnery errors produced by the gunner will cause the round to miss at distances greater then 1,800-2,000 meters. In such caliber, what is the recommended distance for use of HEAT rounds, and is the AI commander aware of it? all in all, if all I wrote up here is correct, and if the PH (probability of hit) is so low (maybe I'm just a really lousy gunner and that's it) it renders the use of such a round worthless.
  12. At last, after watching the thread gets longer and longer, my copy (and perhaps the only copy) of the upgrade has landed in the holy land... will be grasped in my greedy hands in the next few days.
  13. Yeh, I guess the 2E is the next favorite... I find any option of interfacing with a simulator interesting, in order to improve immersion (and just for sheer fun), but I know that SB is quite a "closed" simulator, and I can guess a number of reasons why it is so. BTW, it isn't US equipment that I refer to, if at anything, it is Israeli
  14. With all the changes in wide screen, multi screen support and parallel rendering, is there a possibility now to assign a monitor for map view and another for general view?
  15. just bought it myself... see you online soon I guess.
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