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  1. FWIW, nothing has changed regarding ports per se, its just that the text is displayed there to (hopefully) help people figure out what port it has been looking at when connecting (not that the port # has changed in this update, I mean).
  2. Thanks for playing scenario 4. 5 more remaining. Good job Blue again, it was a tough battle but Blue was able to hold off the advance. Score and awards points are very close so far. 👀 Here are the results + awards... MBT 87-21
  3. We will be using the v4.267 update which was just released today, for this TGIF. You can get it on the downloads page.
  4. No, no scout teams provided in the original scenario it is based on (sometimes they are, sometimes aren't, depending on points).
  5. 99.99% of the time its a > that should be an < (or vice versa).
  6. IIRC, there are ammo trucks that spawn. You have to defend past the first attack though. Why? Well, that's how things sometimes go in real life...
  7. OK, next scenario is now available for planning pleasures.
  8. Rott Nest, is that the name of the local strip club? 🤡
  9. 15 OCT 2021: MBT-S04-15-Advance (FRG)-4265b (I will announce when the scenario is uploaded and available for planning) NOTE: The scenarios can have long time limits in the MBT campaign (some up to 180 minutes), but scenarios will seldom play to the full time limit. We should try to limit planning to 30 minutes. SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS: Draft? No, but by side if no CO is available. Random CO selection? No. Any new players will go to the side that needs them at the moment. Minimum # players: 8 (Red [4] vs Blue [4]) NOTES: Remember to play within the TGIF House Rules and SB.com Community Rules.
  10. Thanks for playing scenario 3. 6 more remaining. Good job Blue, narrowed it up nicely there -back to anyone's game again. Here are the results + awards... MBT 87-21
  11. Yes, I think that was it -- the 8ID was still using M1A0s by late 1980s (87-88), so maybe they had priority (along with M60A3s and M113s they were also fielding). Certainly that MBT campaign has them (8ID) using M1A0s, and the guy who made the original content was an armor officer from the period. Eight up!
  12. Yes, there are several minefields and some wire available. Minefields in these scenarios are 150m in length, but there are usually multiple available when present.
  13. Eh, false start. Had to update the scenario just now to "MBT-S03-03-The Gap-4265i". Soviets had too many mine plows than they were supposed to, and corrected some important typos in the briefing. 🤔
  14. The scenario is available for everyone's planning pleasures, in the SB Lobby in TS. I have looked it over backwards and forwards for days. It should be all good to go with no changes planned, but you know how that goes..... Also, I had to update the map for the 8th scenario, so I went ahead and made all the scenarios use that new map to get it over with (so everyone will have to download the map again at or before game time -- by loading the scenario at or before game time and SB will get the map automatically). Finally, one thing I want to do each time we meet for the game is to make everyone aware of who is CO'ing each side, for record purposes (Sean's fancy list and campaign records), and also so the other side might be able to perhaps assume CO'ing style on the other side. I forgot to do that last week, so please remind if I forget again. 😑
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