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  1. 29 OCT 2021: MBT-S06-25-Op Market (BAOR)-4265a (I will announce when the scenario is uploaded and available for planning) NOTE: The scenarios can have long time limits in the MBT campaign (some up to 180 minutes), but scenarios will seldom play to the full time limit. We should try to limit planning to 30 minutes. SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS: Draft? No, but by side if no CO is available. Random CO selection? No. Any new players will go to the side that needs them at the moment. Minimum # players: 8 (Red [4] vs Blue [4]) NOTES: Remember to play within the TGIF House Rules and SB.com Community Rules.
  2. OK, well, everyone is so eager to help that it might just be confusing the situation but that's what happens when there is a complex issue being discussed. I mean you can't really say "infantry have a mind of their own" and then expect this to be a single comment issue, right? That said, we did some extensive testing of this feature and here is what we found: 1. There does seem to be a bug here, which doesn't seem to be anything new at least (upon investigation) but rather it was something that didn't quite always work right. As I suspected in my previous post, there is an issue between the HOST / CLIENT with the Default Behavior in Buildings (DBIB) selection in network sessions. The issue is that for the HOST (and also in Offline Sessions) the DBIB works as expected, it applies to all their owned units. However for a CLIENT in a Network Session the DBIB setting only applies to the owned unit that the CLIENT is currently occupying, and not to the units the CLIENT owns which they are not occupying. This is likely what you saw in the Network Session this past Friday. This has been reproduced and we will look into it - it just shows how complicated things are in the network environment. 2. In the mean time, as I also mentioned - in Network Session as CLIENT I recommend using STAY when you really want your infantry units to stay outside. I admit, I have been playing SB so long that this is what I *always use* because this is what I am used to, and this is how it worked before the DBIB feature was added. The only draw back with using STAY is that you have to check to see if they can see from their location, and if not, then you will have to move them until you get them where you want them. Besides that, everything should be fine (they will shoot at the enemy, and face the enemy, etc). 3. The other info about DBIB settings are correct : a. When changing the DBIB setting in mid Execution Phase, then you will have to give them a new tactic for it to take effect, because the tactic has to be refreshed/replaced. This is just how computers work - not a bug. b. The other statement about it being a global setting, was just to say that it applies (or in the case of the bug above, should apply) to all the owned infantry units. So, all the owned infantry with Defend and "Stay outside" will (should) stay outside. This was just a clarification on how it works, I don't think it was meant to cause confusion or to suggest that anyone was doing anything wrong. --------------------------------- So, here is what we have: #1 is a bug in Network Session. We are looking into it - so this is the good news. #2 is what you can do right now to avoid the issue, and this prevents you from "having a user in every infantry team" as the first post complained. #3 are just clarifications with how DBIB feature works, you may ignore this. (We will update here when the bug has been addressed.)
  3. Good question, we will try various things this week and see if we can come back with an accurate description of how it works (as in, when do the settings take effect (ie. can you change them during the Execution Phase), and does the Host override the Client (I don't think so, but I want to know this part myself as well - its a gray area)).
  4. In addition to that possibility, it could be a host/client difference in settings - such as the possibility of the host overriding the client's settings (we will investigate that separately).
  5. (Alternatively, in the mean time, the Guard tactic could also be tried as this was always a less strict Stay command to stay outside of buildings. By default, Guard generally allowed infantry to do some autonomous cover seeking, but avoid buildings).
  6. The description of the tactics has always been almost exclusively from the perspective of vehicles. The truth is, that infantry differ in behavior slightly -- they have to, because they have different characteristics. Example: vehicles are allowed to avoid artillery on most tactics, but infantry will go prone and stay still during artillery because they wouldn't be able to get away from the artillery fast enough, and because going prone, taking cover and "taking it" would be safer than running away. But before the push is to update the manual with all the infantry specific differences -- this is what the SBwiki would be for (the "living manual" for these types of things) as there would probably need to be a separate manual for infantry (probably not, but there would need to be some infantry specific sections, and maybe the manual will evolve that way in the future as infantry further evolve). (The "Infantry Units" page is an attempt to put infantry specific differences there, but it certainly could use further development.) https://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Infantry_Units Infantry are allowed flexibility to turn and orient towards spotted enemy, mainly because not doing so would be killing each other, or laying there like brain dead zombies while shot in the back. So yes, there are some differences and the manual is mostly vehicle specific, but all the difference with infantry should be logical. But all I am trying to do is help you manage the infantry - in case here is a bug here, I mean. Before the DBIB settings were added (not too long ago, actually) the infantry were managed with Stay/Guard, to prevent from entering buildings. As mentioned, the main draw back from Stay is that you have scope out the spot first hand to make sure they are in a good place, before telling them to stay, but that is about it, and you only have to do it once. Either way, if there is a bug here then it *should* only affect the MG teams. If it doesn't then it means something was always wrong with the host/client relationship between the DBIB settings (always a bit of a gray area). But we will look into it. In the mean time, Stay is the best thing to use with infantry when you want them to stay out of buildings, and not run for the nearest forest tile - otherwise if that doesn't matter to someone then Defend, Hold are all fine to use.
  7. Incorrect, Stay just means that they will stay in the spot that you place them in. They still fire at the enemy, and will also rotate the face and engage known enemy. The only real difference is that with vehicles Stay means they won't avoid artillery fire, but this doesn't apply to infantry because they take cover and lay down during artillery barrages (they don't try to run away from it - that would get them killed). So essentially, Stay doesn't do much difference in this case other than tell them to stay put and not get up and run for the nearest building or woods, but it does mean that you have to get them in a good position to actually stay in.
  8. There was a fix made to MG teams where, in 4.265 they would not enter a building if they had LOS to the enemy, and would instead lay on the ground immediately where they were once they saw the enemy and this was very aggravating. It could be that this fix messed up the DBIB setting for MG teams -- but guess what, in 4.265 they did something else on their own (laid on the ground and froze, even if they were in the middle of the street). It could be now that we made MG teams take cover regardless of the DBIB setting. We will investigate. This is the nature of bug fixing, but in the mean time you should be able to use the Stay tactic to force a unit to stay outside, and this does not require a human in every single infantry team (using Stay is how things were done before the DBIB setting existed).
  9. Thanks for playing scenario 5. 4 more remaining. Good job Red, but Blue put up a good fight and kept it close. Score and awards are about as close as you can get... 👀 Here are the results + awards... MBT 87-21
  10. Updated the scenario in the SB Lobby in TS to MBT-S05-04-Breakthrough-4267. (Fixed the issue with no HEAT rounds for Soviet tanks, and some typos/clarifications in notes and briefing. I don't plan on updating it again until after we play it...)
  11. Whoops, I noticed that the Soviets do not have any HEAT rounds on their tanks. I will fix that and check all the upcoming scenarios for that error (previous scenarios were fine), and update the scenario later today. I am only saying it now so no one makes a huge plan (other than map overlays). I will post when it is updated this evening...
  12. Right, I will try to clarify that in the "next version", good point.
  13. One correction to the briefing, visibility is 5000m, not 4000m. I will fix this for "next time" and I also noted the AEV construction time in the briefing, but will not update the scenario for this TGIF (I will try to avoid updating the scenario from here unless some major bug is noticed).
  14. 1. Ah, if you mean the text/note on the map, I meant to say - Red may deploy right ON the river, on the other side of their red line (FLET - Forward Line of Enemy Troops) -- essentially that the enemy may be right there, right on the bank of the river if they choose to, but not past (NW) of that line; not in Blue territory or in the neutral zone or anything like that. 2. Realistic time I believe, given the more realistic length of the scenario (as opposed to typical TGIF scenarios). (Hopefully that is answers the question, or if I am confused then please ask again)
  15. OK, scenario is now uploaded in TS Lobby for your planning enjoyment.
  16. 22 OCT 2021: MBT-S05-04-Breakthrough-4267 (I will announce when the scenario is uploaded and available for planning) NOTE: The scenarios can have long time limits in the MBT campaign (some up to 180 minutes), but scenarios will seldom play to the full time limit. We should try to limit planning to 30 minutes. SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS: Draft? No, but by side if no CO is available. Random CO selection? No. Any new players will go to the side that needs them at the moment. Minimum # players: 8 (Red [4] vs Blue [4]) NOTES: Remember to play within the TGIF House Rules and SB.com Community Rules.
  17. FWIW, nothing has changed regarding ports per se, its just that the text is displayed there to (hopefully) help people figure out what port it has been looking at when connecting (not that the port # has changed in this update, I mean).
  18. Thanks for playing scenario 4. 5 more remaining. Good job Blue again, it was a tough battle but Blue was able to hold off the advance. Score and awards points are very close so far. 👀 Here are the results + awards... MBT 87-21
  19. We will be using the v4.267 update which was just released today, for this TGIF. You can get it on the downloads page.
  20. No, no scout teams provided in the original scenario it is based on (sometimes they are, sometimes aren't, depending on points).
  21. 99.99% of the time its a > that should be an < (or vice versa).
  22. IIRC, there are ammo trucks that spawn. You have to defend past the first attack though. Why? Well, that's how things sometimes go in real life...
  23. OK, next scenario is now available for planning pleasures.
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