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    As a newer player of Steel Beasts, this operation represents the perfect balance of challenge and variety, full stop. This operation takes the player through a set of objectives using various manageable platoon size elements, with different scenarios woven together to tell a larger narrative, and toward completion of a larger goal. Note that I have just played through Phase 1 with the Leopard tank platoon, and while I achieved a victory, the scenario begs to be re-played to try out different strategies and improve results. I anticipate the quality and enjoyment will be the same for the other phases. I wish there were more operations of this top notch caliber available in Steel Beasts. I hope the author will consider a sequel to this campaign!
    As a newer player of Steel Beasts I truly appreciate scenarios such as this; quick and fun! The setting is a dark and snowy winter day, which renders the mood for events to unfold. And quickly it does unfold-> waves of T-72s supplemented by BMPs in what amounts to a joy ride of a turkey shoot as you urge the loader to quickly get the next round in the breech, ASAP!! The author has published a prolific amount of scenarios, and I look forward to working my way through his collection. Highly recommended for a quick adrenaline rush!
    As a newer player of Steel Beasts, I enjoy the manageable scale of a tank platoon scenario. In addition, this scenario is a joy ride shoot-out where you have to fend off a company sized attacking force. Use the terrain to your advantage, get hull down, and get ready from some lase and blaze fun! Will enjoy re-playing this for some time. Note, I believe this older scenario requires some additional steps after downloading to make it compatible with newer versions of Steel Beasts. Information on converting maps from older scenarios can be found here:
    As a newer player of Steel Beasts, I truly appreciate scenarios like this. The author has made major contributions to the new user community, and has made the 'Beast' that is Steel Beasts accessible to enthusiasts like myself lacking formal training in tactics of armored warfare. The scenario starts off pre-dawn, which may be disorienting for the new player due to the darkness, but hang in there, dawn arrives quickly. The player controls a manageable tank platoon (4 tanks), while other assets are scripted to provide help along the way. Action is very forgiving on the new player, the odds are deliberately stacked in your favor to provide an environment for learning, while minimizing frustration. The scenario has an amazingly large scale given it is targeted to less experienced players, even introducing enemy air assets (helicopters) that need to be dealt with. No worries, your well scripted allies are there to help as you improve your skills. As stated earlier, the author has produced a lot of material for the new player (check out Revenant on YouTube), and with this scenario continues his support of inexperienced players learning the ropes. I look forward to the next offering in this series.
  1. I can't make it Hope things change and I can have another go at kanium somewhere down the road.
  2. Take me off the 'gunner in waiting' list and put me in A12 please, thanks!
  3. Jumping outside my comfort zone with an offer here... if it is preferable to fill out tank platoons and it doesn't look like that is going to happen, you can drop me in my own tank. Wherever you can use a noob to best effect...
  4. Thank you sir! Checking now and moving all future Q&A to that forum...
  5. Hello All, I've recently gotten going with Steel Beasts and would like to try my hand at multiplayer. Can't make tomorrow (and sorry if i wasted people's time looking at this, but wanted to post my intent). Will do my homework getting up and running on TS and check back in. BTW-> this seems like a very welcoming community, and watching the YT livestreams from revenant and kingtiger have been extremely helpful. Anyway, sorry if I'm in the wrong spot, and apologize for any time wasted reading this. I owe you a beer. Looking forward to having a patient TC while I screw up and learn...
  6. Hello, I've recently started up with Steel Beasts and would love to get involved with multiplayer if there is a set time I can commit to. Will do my homework on getting up and running with TS in the meantime and check back in when I'm ready (assuming you will have me lol...)
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