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  1. Hi There Would be handy if you had the ability to copy and paste directly from WP to the terrain map e.g objectives and so on. Or from the briefing itself. DavidRN
  2. Hi There It works with current SB version, however, can only use it in the mission editor, if I attempt to use in offline session it tells me unpublished map. DavidRN
  3. Lynx Mungo Serval Duro Yak would be awesome 😎 I like German armoured vehicles πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺπŸ‘
  4. There's actually a thread devoted to the topic from 2019 (I should have searched first) ....
  5. Hi There Is it compatible with current SB version? David RN
  6. Will this be the Sunday steam on YouTube? Im interested in joining multiplayer, but not confident enough, just yet, this one is 06:00 Brisbane. DavidRN
  7. Speaking of tanks this beauty arrives in the post today πŸ‘πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ My favourite regiment in SB Jutland Dragoon Regiment DK
  8. Thanks for that and I should have looked closer as the tanks are numbered on the picture.
  9. HI There In terms of numbering is it simply 1 to 4 (L to R) or different? DavidRN
  10. Hello Experimented with IED's today and it appears that the more you increase the strength of the IED it increases the depth of the crater but not necessarily the blast radius (the kill zone)? Wasn't about to get close to find out as I upped to 20000 pound (10 tons) IED, with this amount of IED at approx 750 metres there was a dust cloud surrounding the piranha, the bus (that was laden with the IED) could have driven into the crater and a significant amount of dust at blast site. The blast (at 10 tons) could be heard 3-4 (or more) kilometres away. I would have thought at 10 tons at 750 metres that Piranha would have been toasted. DavidRN
  11. Hi The Leopard is my favourite tank in SB, what will be the features of the 2A6MA2? Its my understanding that it features Blue Force Tracking System, a joint Dutch German venture. DavidRN
  12. Thanks very very much it’s 06:10 here in Brisbane I can PM file later and more details to you. Regards DavidRN
  13. Hi There Created a few missions for myself and thought I would give it a go creating one for the SB community, unfortunately time doesn't allow me to commit further to it as its got bigger and bigger than I expected. Without giving too much away its ..... BACKGROUND: Set in an African country (yet to be named), a former Danish colony the current (modern day) Danish government has still provided support to the current (yet to be named President), however, militants see the President as a puppet to Danish interests allowing Danish oil and mineral companies to exploit the region, although the militants commander (yet to be named) has not put forward any agenda or demands to Copenhagen. Western spy agencies, have had no success in making contact with ........... Denmark has sent a small contingent of forces to contain further militant action, as satellite images have revealed the militants have setup a training area and command centre in the unnamed country's region (Dolo presently). (Unnamed country) army is in disarray some who support the militants and others who stand by their president. Military equipment has been seized by the militants, aided by those in the army who support them. France has provided support to Denmark providing armoured support from 1er Regiment de Chasseurs, as Frances president is concerned the militants will progress to neighbouring countries where France has vested interests. DENMARK: 2 x platoons Leopard 2A5-DK 2 x platoons CV 90/35-DK 2 x Piranha IIIC 2 x platoon Leclerc (the only part they play in the mission is a driving down a road, as they are retiring to the south ...I wanted to have Leclerc, they are computer controlled and blind) All Danish and French callsigns set to real life units ... Jydske Dragonregiment - Jutish Dragoons I/JDR Armor Battalion, II/JDR Armor Infantry Battalion 1er rΓ©giment de chasseurs Supply, artillery, other things as required yet to be established. MILITANTS: T-72A m1 1982 TOW and Javelin ATGM (they were supplied by Western countries to the unnamed country) Technical IED's All your usual other things you would expect MISSION OBJECTIVES: Neutralise militant leader (informer has reported to the Danish he is driving a blue sedan and will need to be taken out by TOW team, already established BP) Neutralise all militants in the region I chose the map carefully as I wanted an area (12 x 12) with valleys, I setup the enemy nicely in these valleys, there are two valleys, Rift and Jubba, and two roads nicknamed highways by me Brisbane and Adelaide Hwys, that run down the map I setup AI civilian traffic on these. I hope one of the nice mission creators that have devoted so much of their time to the SB community may pick this up, no problem if not, and if you choose to have a look at it feel free to let me know its not good enough. Regards DavidRN
  14. Today would be a good day to release πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘
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