Camouflage Schemes

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Starting with Pro PE 3.0, a party's 'Camouflage' not only determines troop uniform type, equipment, and carried weapon but also vehicle camouflage. The available countries are as follows:

Abbreviation in the mission editor Name Carried weapon Comment
AT Austria AUG
AU Australia AUG
BE Belgium SCAR
BR Brazil FN FNC (AK5C)
CA Canada C7A2
CD Congo AK-47
CIV Police/Irregulars/Insurgents M16A4
CN China Tavor Modern/present day
CN 1970 China (1970) AK-47
CS Czechoslovakia AK-47 Cold War era Czech
CZ Czech Republic G36 Modern/present day
DD German Democratic Republic (DDR) AK-47 Cold War East Germany
DE 1980 Germany (1980) G3 Cold War West Germany
DE Germany G36 Modern/present day; has ballistic body armor
DK Denmark Gevær M/95 (C7A1) Post Cold War Denmark
DK 2010 Denmark (2010) Gevær M/10 (C8 IUR) Modern/present day
EE Estonia C8 IUR
EG Egypt AK-47
ER Eritrea AK-47
ES Spain G36
ET Ethiopia AK-47
FI Finland AK-47
FR 2000 France (2000) Tavor
GR Greece G3
ID Indonesia M16A4
IL Israel Tavor
IQ Iraq AK-47
IR Iran AK-47
KP North Korea AK-47
KR 2000 South Korea (2000) M4A1
NG Nigeria AK-47
NL The Netherlands C7A1
NO Norway M4A1
NZ New Zealand AUG
OPFOR OPFOR at NTC (or similar) SCAR This used to be the 'red' side in releases earlier than 3.0 and is actually still using the 'red' folder!
PL 2000 Poland (2000) FN FNC (AK5C) Modern/present day
RU Russia AK-47 Post Cold War Russia
RU 2020 Russia (2020) FN FNC (AK5C) Modern/present day
SE Sweden FN FNC (AK5C)
SY Syria AK-47
TR Turkey G3
UA Ukraine AK-47
UN United Nations FN FAL Blue helmets, white vehicles
UK United Kingdom L85A3
US 1970 United States (1970) M16A2 (Should be M16A1, squint harder) Vietnam era green meanie uniform
US 1980 United States (1980) M16A2 "M81" woodland pattern
US 1990 United States (1990) M16A4 "M81" woodland pattern for summer/spring/fall, Desert MARPAT pattern in desert themes; has kevlar helmet
US 2000 United States (2000) M4A1 UCP pattern; has ballistic body armor
US 2010 United States (2010) M4A1 OCP pattern; has ballistic body armor
USSR Soviet Union AK-47
ZA South Africa FN FAL