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Top Tank Platoon is a tournament created by Volcano.

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version II.c
19 APR 2010
(updated: 31 MAR 2012)


The current all time Top Tank Platoon and Top Gun record holders appear here (sorted by score):

Top Tank Platoon top 5 high scores
PLT name Year Tank Win-Loss *PLT score (avg.)*
1. The Depleted Uranium Justice 2016 Leopard 2A5 6-0 868.8
2. The Gophers 2010 Leopardo 2E 6-2 618.8
3. Team Heidegeist 2011 Leopard 2A4 6-1 614.3
4. ...
5. ...
Top Gun top 5 high scores
User name Year Tank Kills *Gunnery score (avg.)*
1. Volcano 2010 M1A1(HA) 8 640.5
2. Assassin8 2016 Leopard 2A5 10 606.2
3. Gladiator(911) 2011 Leopard 2A4 11 586.5
4. ...
5. ...


Top Tank Platoon 2010

Top Tank Platoon 2011

Top Tank Platoon 2016


The mission of the tournament is to climb the ladder and be named the "Top Tank Platoon" by defeating opposing tank platoons in an organized friendly competition which tests both leadership, teamwork, and individual skill.

The emphasis of the tournament is to bring back the good ol' friendly days of competition when people competed for a "high score", which is very similar to the friendly and competitive atmosphere that exists between platoons of the same company on army gunnery ranges around the world.

Primary and Secondary Goal

Top Tank Platoon Determination (Primary Goal)

The competition is organized into "rounds" where two opposing tank platoons are paired up against each other. The loser of the round gets one step closer to being eliminated, or gets eliminated depending on how many losses they have suffered already. Once only two tank platoons remain, a final set of championship rounds is played between those two teams with "Top Tank Platoon" honors being awarded to the platoon that wins the final round in the tournament.

The final averaged Mission Score of the winning team/platoon usually does not matter, it is only kept for record purposes. This "Top Tank Platoon" mission score is then recorded here, for fun, sorted by highest score.

  • Note that the final averaged Mission Score may get reduced in accordance with the Minimum of 6 Rule.

Top Gun Determination (Secondary Goal)

In addition, and of secondary purposes, one participant of the final round will be named "Top Gun". The Top Gun award is determined by which participant, from either side in the final match/round, that ends up with the highest average User Score (aka. Gunnery Score - this tournament refers to this as User Score and Gunnery Score interchangeably, but they are one in the same). This honor is determined at the end of the Tournament by taking the individual User Score for each final round participant and averaging them together by the number of total rounds (bye rounds that the team suffered from do not count against this score). In other words, the formula is: Top Gun score = total User Score / (current tournament round number - number of bye rounds for that user's team). This means that the recipient of this honor could very well be a participant on the losing side. This "Top Gun" user score is then recorded here, for fun, sorted by highest score.

  • The reason that the Top Gun title is awarded to a user in the final match, and not to the overall highest average User Score of the whole tournament is because teams that are eliminated would likely have higher average scores as opposed to a team who has went through the whole tournament, and as such, the average is not comparable (ie. it would be like giving a high batting average award in baseball to a hitter that only played half of a season).
  • It is important to stress the difference between the two: the "Top Tank Platoon" IS the team that reaches the top of the tournament tree and wins the final paring, it IS NOT the team who has the highest average Mission Score at the end (the average Mission Score is irrelevant and only used for records and/or it may be used to determine the two teams in the championship round). However, the "Top Gun" IS the user on one of the two final teams who has the highest average User Score at the end of the tournament.
  • Note that the final averaged Mission Score may get reduced in accordance with the Minimum of 6 Rule.

Participation Requirements

Everyone is encouraged to participate, regardless of time zone, spoken language, or skill level; all are welcome. The only TWO requirements of the tournament are:

  1. The games must be played on TeamSpeak server (this is where the files will be located, where the AAR must be uploaded, and where the users must meet so that everyone can make certain the players in game match the players in channel - and so that IPs can be compared to make sure one person isn't logging in multiple times to appear like the team has its full compliment of players.
  2. Each team (platoon) must consist of four people on their roster: one user for each tank, no more, no less. (Of course a team may multi-crew a tank with more than one person at any point during a scenario, if they so desire, and a team can play a match with less than four players).

Users Dropping Out / Getting Replaced

If a team roster ever drops below four people then it is up to that team to find another participant and to make it known to the Game Master who that replacement is (so it can be changed on score sheet). Users may be absent from a particular round, but this hurts that team's chance at winning and greatly reduces that absent user's final User Score average (for determination of "Top Gun").

  • There is no problem with someone dropping out of the tournament, the only issue is that once someone drops out of the tournament they may not come back and rejoin that tournament.


Each scenario or "engagement" consists of a 6.5 x 6.5 km area where two opposing platoons (of four tanks each) engage each other. A central bonus objective is present in the middle of the map to provide a focal point and stimulus to the action.

Map and Play Area

The play area or battle space is a 6.5 x 6.5 km map of "rolling terrain" (be it woodland, desert, or snow covered landscape). The actual theme and map selection depends on the current iteration of the tournament, please see the appropriate page for more information on what the map will be for that specific tournament.

Unit Spawning (initial unit placement)

To alleviate the fact that no map selection is ever "fair", and to minimize the ability for a team (platoon) to carefully rehearse a plan to the letter, a system of random spawning is used to determine the initial placement of both the blue and red platoon. This random spawning occurs on the fly, in the Planning Phase. This initial placement is based on the cardinal directions and is set up in such a way that both platoons will always be located directly opposite each other. In other words, if the blue platoon is initially placed in the west, then the red platoon is initially placed directly to its opposite in the east. This ensures that you always have a rough idea of where the enemy is initially located.

Hasty Planning Time Constraint

The Planning Phase will last a total of 15 minutes and then the scenario will begin regardless of if either side is ready. The HOST starts a timer once all players are in the planning phase map view and starts the mission once 15 minutes has expired after that.

  • This short time limit is due to the fact that there are only four tanks in the scenario, and because of the fact that rehearsals and planning should be done prior to the event. Although initial unit placement is random, the tournament not only measures the ability of the individual, it also measures the ability of the platoon to adapt to the situation on the fly.

Dropped Users

Once the Planning Phase begins (ie. once the Host presses "start" in the Assembly Area and starts loading the Planning Phase), then everyone is considered to be "locked in". Anyone who drops from the session in either the Planning Phase or in the Execution Phase then they are out, and play must continue. If an entire team drops from the session then they will receive a loss. The only exception to this is that the session may be restarted if the opposing team agrees to go back to the Assembly Area to restart. If they do not, then the match must proceed.

  • This strict condition exists to prevent users or entire teams from "dropping" from the session just because they do not like their randomly selected starting setup, or because they are doing badly. Neither behavior will be tolerated. It is up to all participants to make sure their router and/or connection issues are worked out before they enter the Assembly Area.

Objectives (tactical)

The primary objective in the scenario is to destroy the enemy tank platoon. Scoring is based on points for the % of friendly tanks that survive, plus points for the % of enemy tanks that are destroyed, plus bonus points for control of a central objective.

  • The center objective exists as a mechanism to promote action and deter one side from simply sitting in place for 45 minutes. If one side chooses to sit in place, and the other side moves up to take the center objective, then the side that now controls the objective has the initiative and can wait for the enemy to make their move. If they do not, then chances are (depending on losses and kills) the side that owns the objective will win by points.

Central Objective Ownership

Ownership of the objective will NOT be announced to the participants during the scenario. In other words, neither side will get a message when the objective has been secured. Also, objective ownership acts as a toggle; you are NOT required to sit on the objective to maintain control it. Ownership of the objective is determined by the side that outnumbers the other on it last. In other words, once one side moves in and outnumbers the other in the center objective then that outnumbering side will have ownership of it and they can move out of it. Ownership will then change hands once the other side moves through it in superior force. If both sides have the same number of tanks in the objective, then ownership does not change hands from the original owner (the side who had control of it most recently) until the balance of power is shifted, or the original owner leaves the objective.

Note that a disabled/non-fully operational tank exerts less ownership over an objective than a fully operational one does. In other words, a disabled tank will not maintain ownership over an objective if a fully operational enemy tank enters it.

Victory Determination

The victor of the round is the side that has the highest Mission Score at the end of the scenario (individual User Score is irrelevant and is only kept to determine who will win Top Gun honors at the end of the tournament).

Mission Score

The Mission Score consists of the following:

+350 points maximum for % of destroyed enemy tanks
+350 points maximum for % of surviving friendly tanks
+300 points maximum for control of the center objective (OBJ Center)

1000 points total (perfect score)

  • Control of the center objective is determined by who passed through it last, or who outnumbers the other in it (if both sides are in it). However, in the event that one side destroys all the other side's tanks, the objective is automatically given to that winning side.

User Score (for Top Gun determination)

Of lesser importance, User score consists of the following:

+300 points maximum for hit % (accuracy)
+400 points for the 1st kill +100 points for each after that
-1000 points maximum for fratricide penalty (-750 points for each fratricide)

1000 points total (perfect score)

Draw (tie)

In the rare event where both sides have the exact same Mission Score, which should be mathematically impossible -- but you never know, the round is considered a draw and must be played again.

Time Limit

The time limit of each engagement is 45 minutes, +/- 5 minutes.

Time of Day

Each scenario takes place at a random time of day, with a random level of visibility.

Reporting the Game

After each mission, the AAR file is saved and uploaded (temporarily) to for all to evaluate. If the tournament organizer is not present in the scenario as an observer or participant then the AAR file should be emailed to him from one person on the winning side (the correct email address to send it to will be posted in the forum in the event thread). It is suggested, but not mandatory, that you also send the appropriate .htm report file so that an AAR can be written in the SBwiki.

  • Scenario results are not official until an AAR is provided and evaluated (the AAR is necessary to calculate points).

Organization (time and place to play a round)

The round parings in the tournament will be announced on Official play times and dates will also be announced on in the tournament event thread in the forum.

Alternatively, the leaders of the two platoons can message each other through email, or by private message or post at and coordinate an alternate meeting time. The only requirement is that a round must be played by the Game Master's specified "end date" (which will be made known, and will usually be a time period of SIX DAYS after pairings are posted -- the Game Master must have ample time to make a new scenario and report the game results for the next Friday).

  • It must be understood that the "official times" that are announced are the primary days to play, and the other days should be viewed as alternates. If you, as a teammate, are unable to participate during any of the official times on a regular basis, and instead only able to participate on the backup times, then you should not participate.

Bye Round

An odd number team in the tournament tree that does not have an opposing team will receive a bye for that round. A bye does not count towards their total number of rounds, therefore it does not effect their Top Tank Platoon and Top Gun average scores (it does not lower the score by counting that bye round in the total number of rounds played).

  • The bye round is determined by the Tournament Tree. If a team ends up in a bracket without a an opponent (ie. because of eliminations), then that team will get a bye for that round.

Penalties and Forfeiture

Starting a Match with Less a Full Team

If the two teams do not have their four teammates present, they CAN choose to play a match without their full compliment of players if they desire. However, given that the Top Tank Platoon tournament stresses platoon/team play, the team without a full compliment of players will be penalized a tank for each missing player and individual gunnery scores are reduced. In other words, you will only have one tank per player that is present which makes it harder to win the match, and the individual gunnery scores will also be penalized thereby making it harder to win the Top Gun award. The reason that individual gunnery scores are reduced is due to mathematics: the fewer number of people present means that it is more likely that those few people will get the kills, as opposed to a situation where the full team is present and the kills can potentially be spread around evenly.

If a team plays without its full compliment of registered teammates, then the following penalty is applied to all members of that side for that particular match:

Number of players present Penalty to number of tanks Penalty to Gunnery Scores
3 players -1 tank * .75 (-25% reduction)
2 players -2 tanks * .5 (-50% reduction)
1 player -3 tanks * .25 (-75% reduction)

Gunnery score penalties are enacted after the mission, by the Game Master, and this penalty also applies if a teammate dropped during the mission. If someone drops from a mission or does not show up for a mission the same reason this rule exists is still valid (less players present means fewer players are presented more targets).

Tank penalties are enacted at the start of the mission, within the first two minutes. A message is displayed prompting the platoon leader of each side to specify how many (if any) of his participants are missing. He specifies this by using the triggers #1 through #3. Trigger 1 (SHIFT+1) specifies that one person is missing, Trigger 2 (SHIFT+2) specifies that two are missing, and Trigger 3 (SHIFT+3) specifies that three are missing. He can also specify this selection by using the top down menu System => Triggers sub menu (this is the preferred method so you can see what each trigger is). If no teammates are missing then make no selection.

  • It is up to the platoon leader to choose properly. If he does not choose properly, then that platoon will forfeit the match as a loss, and the other platoon will receive a bye. There are no exceptions to this, so choose carefully or make sure all your teammates are present and then you will never have to worry about this! Also, any cheating here will result in disqualification of that team from the tournament.

If the match starts to the Execution Phase and missing players finally show up, the match must continue. If a match is played without the full compliment of players then the users who do not show up are given a User Score of 0 for that round.

  • There is no limit on how many matches a team can play without their full compliment of players: no team will be disqualified for it.

Giving Your Tank To Another Player

You should NEVER give ownership of your tank to another member of your team. The point of Top Tank Platoon is that everyone is given their own tank and you do what you deem best with it, within the platoon leader's plan and instructions, and work together as a team to defeat the other team. Your tank belongs to you and should be controlled by you. Giving the tank to another user is not in the spirit of the tournament because it essentially becomes 'one person versus the other side' instead of a team based effort. Additionally, giving tanks over to other team members also causes errors (redundancy) in the scoring. For these reasons, when a tank is given to another player then it carries a penalty:

  • Any kill by the tank is given to the tank's original owner.
  • The Gunnery Score of both users is reduced by 50%.

NOTE: It is perfectly acceptable to jump into another person's tank and act as the gunner if you lose your tank (if the owner is okay with it, of course), you just cannot give ownership of the vehicle over.

Receiving a Forfeit Loss

If, for any reason, the match cannot be played out before the end date, then both teams forfeit the match and it is recorded as a forfeit loss for both sides. The exception to this is the following:

If only one team is consistently present at the stated official times, that is, more often than it is not (the Tournament Organizer will be observing and keeping notes), then the team in good standing will receive a bye round and the habitually non-present team will receive a forfeit loss. However, if neither team was present and ready to play at the official time, and neither team can manage to co-ordinate a match at an unofficial time, then both teams will receive a forfeit loss. This exception also exists to keep a team that consistently does not want to participate from bringing down those that do.

When a forfeit loss occurs, that team will receive a Mission Score and User Scores of 0.

Minimum of 6 Rule (for High Score averages)

In some cases the tournament will have more or less rounds and matches than in past tournaments, depending on the number of teams that sign up and the time available. In order to keep the final score honest with past iterations of the tournament and prevent "short tournaments" from creating higher scores than "long tournaments", when the final game in a tournament is played and the champion is determined there must have been a minimum of SIX games played by that team or else the "high scores" will be reduced depending on the number of games played below SIX. For example, if only five games in total were played by the champions at end of the tournament then their final Top Tank and Top Gun scores are reduced to 83% of their final values (5/6 = .83 * FINAL_SCORES). The reason this is done is to create a realistic average that allows a bare minimum of games to be factored in, in the same way that in American baseball a batting average is not a true reflection of performance until X number of "at bats" are made (ie. a batter that bats once and gets a hit has a 100% hit rate (1.000 batting average), but it is not a true reflection of his capability until 50 to 100 at bats are made).

  • This rule is mostly cosmetic and is only in the determination of the final current all time record holder "high score" list, basically the value that unseats the previous highest scores from past tournaments. This rule in no way affects the actual outcome of the tournament itself.
  • If any final high scores are adjusted because the final number of matches played were less than six, then the score will have a number to its right in brackets denoting the number of total matches played, which signifies that the final high score was reduced.

Administrative Action

These rules in their entirety are subject to change. The Game Master (the creator of the tournament) reserves the right to make adjustments to the rules as necessary to iron out imperfections, and for the sake of clarity. Some rules may have to be rewritten in the middle of the tournament if the Game Master's intent was not properly conveyed in the initial writing of the rule. This will be done at a bare minimum and only in an emergency to keep the entire tournament from possible derailment.

The most important thing to remember is that the Game Master's final decision is LAW.


Above all this tournament is intended to be a friendly competition. If you are the type of person that must win at everything you do regardless of who you trample on your way to the top, then you should not participate in this tournament. This tournament should be viewed as a joust between knights, not as a cat-fight. In regards to gloating and bragging, it is always best if you let your individual User Score and Mission Score do the talking.

If, in the extreme case, at any time it is determined that an individual or team (entire platoon) is a detriment to the overall experience of the tournament, then that individual or entire team may be disqualified and removed from the event. If an individual from a team is disqualified, then it is up to that team to find a fourth participant or else they will forfeit each future match they are scheduled to participate in.

Since the Game Master is not a baby sitter, in most cases zero tolerance will be exercised. If there are two individuals or two teams which are frequently complaining about each other or causing trouble then all parties may be disqualified. Disqualified people and teams can participate in future tournaments, unless they have a history of being disqualified in prior tournaments.

Also, in regards to the forum, the Game Master reserves the right to delete any post made in the Top Tank Platoon threads that is not in the spirit or that brings disrespect to the tournament. This includes being a sore loser, and taking shots at each other to provoke a confrontation if you want to do this, then do it at your own risk in other threads.

--Volcano 03:29, April 19, 2010 (UTC)