0.50 Cal RWS

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The 0.50 Cal Remote Weapons Station is a basic placeholder weapons station for vehicles that are otherwise capable of mounting a RWS, but for which no specific RWS is modeled/available. This system is fully stabilized, with dual channel day and thermal sights, a laser range finder, and is equipped with a cal .50 heavy machine gun.

Compared to the Lemur or Elbit ERCWS-M, operation of the 0.50 Cal RWS is greatly simplified. No screen or control interface is currently modeled, with only direct access to the sight available (F2) from either the commander's (F7) or gunner's (F6) position [vehicle dependent]. Unlike the Lemur, the 0.50 Cal RWS features the same Detached Line of Sight (DLOS) system found on the Kongsberg Protector series, therefore the sights stay on target during firing, but the RWS lacks any kind of lead prediction, so lead must be applied manually. Though equipped with a LRF, no range readout is available. Additionally, reload times can be long for the 0.50 Cal RWS, especially for the integral smoke grenades, and on vehicles where roof access is restricted by the RWS' position, such as the Bushmaster, the reload command may not function.

Currently, the AMV XA-360, ASLAV-PC, Bushmaster, Cougar 6x6 MRAP, Eagle IV, GTK Boxer APC, M-113G3, MAN KAT 1 family, MAN SX45, and Piranha IIIC vehicles may be equipped with the 0.50 Cal RWS. Right-click on the vehicle in the mission editor, select "Options", "Remote weapon station", and "0.50 Cal RWS" to equip the RWS.
Equipping the 0.50 Cal RWS