1.2t Truck-T

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1.2t Truck-T with irregular troops.

This common Asian 2-door pickup, very popular from the mid 1980's on, and produced in large numbers, can be found throughout the near east, middle east, and sub-Saharan Africa where it is often converted to an armed technical. Unless otherwise modified, this vehicle carries 10 dismounts by default.

Thermal Signature

1.2t Truck-T, front-right 1.2t Truck-T, rear-left

Technical Variants

As an armed technical, this vehicle is available in three configurations:

  • Crew-able version armed with a variety of weapons (see below).
  • Crew-able version armed with a vintage M40 106mm recoilless rifle, 12 rounds of recoilless ammunition, and a .50 cal spotting/ranging rifle (rev. 4.250).
  • Non-crew-able version transporting a six man infantry squad and a bed mounted 60mm mortar.

1.2t Technical-T and RCL

The crew-able version of the 1.2t Truck-T carries the same ten man dismount squad as the standard version plus being armed with one of the following weapons:

Type Default Ammunition Ready/Stowed Range[m]
7.62mm M240/FN MAG 7.62mm NATO 200/800 1200
7.62mm MG3 7.62mm DE 200/800 1200
12.7mm DShK HMG B-32 12.7mm AP 60/800 1600
12.7mm NSVT HMG B-32 12.7mm AP 60/800 1600
.50cal M2HB HMG .50cal M2 AP-T 100/800 1800
Mistral MANPADS Mistral Mk.1 1/4 5000

The crew-able recoilless rifle version of the 1.2t Truck-T carries the following weapons fit, but no troops by default:

  • Main Gun: M40A1 Recoilless Rifle
    Ammunition Stowage: 2 ready/ 10 stowed
    Default Ammunition “A”: 2/10 M344 HEAT
  • Coaxial machine gun: .50cal M8C Spotting rifle
    Ammunition Stowage: 20 ready/40 stowed
    Default Ammunition: 20/40 .50 cal M48A1 Observation/Tracer

Like most crew-able light trucks in Steel Beasts Professional this vehicle may be manned at the Driver's (F9), Commander's (F7), Gunner's (F6), and Squad Leader's (F11) positions. As with other armed vehicles F2 brings up the mounted weapon's sights while in the gunner's position. Thermal sights are available for mounted ATGM systems (Num +), but all other weapons feature "iron" sights only. NVG views are available at all crew positions under appropriate lighting conditions if the vehicle is so equipped (rev. 2.640). Note that as of revision 4.016 NVGs may be used with certain weapon sights.