3.5t Truck-G

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This early 1960's commercial version of the Soviet manufactured GAZ-53 medium cargo truck, although long out of production, may still be found throughout the near-east, middle-east, and sub-Saharan Africa. In Steel Beasts Professional the vehicle is modeled in three variants:

3.5t Truck-G/Cargo. Equipped with an enclosed cargo box, this vehicle carries 10 dismounts.
3.5t Truck-G/Cargo
3.5t Truck-G/Supply. Unable to transport passengers, this flatbed cargo version provides ammunition resupply services to other armed vehicles, infantry squads, and HMG/missile teams available in Steel Beasts Professional. As with other such cargo vehicles, this vehicle may be assigned to Blue, Red, and other factional forces, and the vehicle will only resupply units of its own faction. Thus, another faction's vehicle or infantry units cannot use a Blue 3.5t Truck-G/Supply truck, regardless of enemy/neutral/allied status.
3.5t Truck-G/Supply
3.5t Truck-G/ZSU-23-2. This armed technical version is equipped with a bed mounted twin-barreled 23mm ZSU-23-2 anti-aircraft gun. Used in both an anti-aircraft and anti-vehicle role, it carries 150 rounds each of 23mm BZT API and OZT HEI ammunition, with 100 rounds ready and 200 stowed. Maximum detection range is ~5500m with a max engagement range of 2500m; engagement priority is aircraft, then vehicles, infantry in buildings, and finally infantry in the open. When given “Engage” orders or placed in a battle position, this vehicle will turn is rear toward the enemy, but, as with most undisciplined irregular forces, will often move from its designated position to engage available targets.
3.5t Truck-G/ZSU-23-2

Thermal Signatures

3.5t Truck-G/Cargo TIS image, front-right 3.5t Truck-G/Cargo TIS image, rear-left

3.5t Truck-G/Supply TIS image, front-right 3.5t Truck-G/Supply TIS image, rear-left

3.5t Truck-G/ZSU-23-2 TIS image, front-right 3.5t Truck-G/ZSU-23-2 TIS image, rear-left