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The ASLAV-25 in Steel Beasts Professional

ASLAV-25: Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle


Main gun: 25mm Bushmaster
Ammunition Stowage: 148 ready/272 stowed
Default Ammunition: 60/150 M791 APDS-T, 88/122 M792 HE-I-T*

Coaxial machine gun: 7.62mm MAG
Ammunition Stowage: 400 ready/1410 stowed
Default Ammunition: 400/1410 7.62mm NATO

Commander's machine gun: 7.62mm MAG
Ammunition Stowage: 200 ready/450 stowed
Default Ammunition: 200/450 7.62mm NATO

Grenade Dischargers: Grenades
Ammunition Stowage: 8 ready/12 stowed
Default Ammunition: 4/8 Smoke, 4/4 HE*

  • The HE and smoke grenade totals represent individual grenades, but are fired in left/right salvos.

Armour protection:
Frontal Turret Armour: Thin, Steel. Protected vs HMG
Frontal Hull Armour: Thin, Steel. Protected vs HMG
(no information within SB documentation)

Combat Mass: 13.2 tonnes
Length: 6.53m
Width: 2.62m
Height 2.69m (turret top)
Engine Power: 275hp Detroit Diesel 6V53T V-8
Top Speed: 120kph


The ASLAV-25 is the Australian equivalent of the LAV-25 and is also in the Mowag Piranha family of vehicles. The vehicle carries a large two-man turret armed with a 25mm M242 Bushmaster autocannon, and sacrifices much of the internal volume to accommodate the turret mechanism. Due to Australian requirements, including carrying additional water and spare wheels, the ASLAV-25 doesn't tend to operate with dismounts.

The armour is barely adequate against light auto cannon or HMG and offers little protection against infantry anti-armour weapons or any large caliber gun. The FCS includes a laser range finder, independent TIS and day sights using separate optics, and a ballistic computer which provides a 'fixed' lead solution based on the tracking immediately prior to requesting an autolay. While this isn't as responsive as a full dynamic lead capability, it doesn't suffer as much from low tracking quality which may arise from a wheeled suspension moving cross country, and is an improvement over the fully manual lead of the M2/M3 series.

The 8x8 independent suspension allows 'near tank class' off-road performance on favorable terrain, but this is mostly in comparison with older tank designs. Modern MBTs have improved suspension and power, and wheeled APCs can't compare favorably to the degree of mobility this offers. The ASLAV-25 is amphibious with minimal preparation.

The ASLAV-25 does not carry troops.

See this article for some hints about ASLAV employment.

Thermal Signature

ASLAV-25 TIS image, front-right ASLAV-25 TIS image, rear-left

Crew Positions

Gunner's Position F6

In Steel Beasts the gunner's position on the ASLAV-25 is fully crew-able but partially modeled. Currently the user cannot access an interior 3D view. The gunner's position is accessed by pressing F6.

Thermal Imaging Sight (TIS)

The most useful aspect of the GPS view is the thermal imaging system (TIS). Activate the TIS by pressing + on the num pad. The TIS sight on the ASLAV-25 is the primary sight. Turning it off will result in a black screen if you are utilizing the gunner's primary sight.

In low magnification, the reticle will display a set of brackets around the center of the sight. These brackets show the area that the high magnification will zoom into. The TIS low magnification sight is used to quickly scan the terrain, looking for any hot spots that stand out in the view. Once a heat signature is spotted, press N to zoom in, switching the sight to high magnification.

The fire control system of the ASLAV-25 is a bit tricky in comparison to other vehicles. See the following illustration to understand its operation:

ASLAV-25 FCS operation; it is normal for the reticle to be displayed at the top of the sight in TIS mode