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The AT-4 Spigot (Rus: 9K111 Fagot ["bassoon"]) is a wire guided Anti-Tank Guided Missile developed by the Soviet Union in the mid 1960s. Intended as a next generation SACLOS (Semi-Automatic Command-to-Line of Sight) guided system to supplement the Manual Command to Line of Sight (MLOS) guided AT-3, the AT-4 entered service in 1970. The system consists of the 9P135 launcher post (tripod) to which is fitted the 9S451 guidance box - with the containerized missile above- and the fixed 10x 9Sh119 sight to the left. A relatively simple design, the AT-4's performance is similar to that of the western TOW, BILL, and MILAN ATGM systems, but with a ready fire weight of less than 40kg, it is more mobile and possesses a higher rate of fire. The modeled version is the 9P135M launcher (rev. 4.016) capable of firing the full 9M111 family of missiles (AT-4A, B, and C) along with the 9M113 Konkurs (AT-5A and B) series of missiles. Because of its weight, the launcher is classified by the manufacturer as "portable" rather than "man-portable," and realistically should only be manually carried by a team a short distance (less than 500m) from a transporting vehicle like an APC given the heavy weight of the system (22.5kg). Although widely exported and still in production, the AT-4 was never manufactured in massive numbers like the AT-3; never the less, the system is very popular and can be found in the hands of both governmental and irregular forces worldwide.


The observer position F8 displays a third-person view of the AT-4 team.
Observer view of the AT-4 team
Pressing N provides a magnified third-person view (and only if the Realism setting is Low or Medium (Rev. 3.002)).
Magnified view from the AT-4 team
F7 or F11 switches to the first-person view of the "Squad Leader"/gunner.
AT-4 team "Squad Leader's" view:
Pressing N will brings the Squad Leader's binoculars into action. This can not be used to engage targets.
Squad Leader's Bino view.
Pressing F2 accesses the weapon sights. From here the mouse or joystick may be used to aim, and the space bar/default trigger to fire. As with other SACLOS guided weapons, all the gunner needs to do is keep the reticle centered on the target. When the trigger is pressed, the reticle crosshairs will illuminate in red and the missile will be launched after a one-second delay. The crosshairs will remain lit throughout the missile's flight.

The AT-4's 9Sh119 sight does not have thermal or night vision capability, but NVG (Night Vision Goggle) views for the squad leader/members (Num +) are available under appropriate lighting conditions if the team is so equipped (rev. 2.640). Note that NVGs are useful for observation only, and have no effect on weapon sights.

AT-4 weapon sight.
AT-4 weapon sight, firing.
Along the left side of the weapon sight is a descending stadia type scale used to determine target range. This should be used to ensure the desired target is within the AT-4's 70-2500m engagement envelope.
M-60 choked to 1250m.