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What Alpha India might appear like in the physical form.

Alpha India is the name of the computer controlled unit collective in Steel Beasts. It was made fully aware in 1999, and made its name known to the public in 2001.

Known Strengths

  • Accuracy. Second to none when shooting on the move.
  • Target acquisition. Can quickly acquire targets through trees with the use of a thermal imaging system.
  • Target identification. Excellent at identifying friend versus foe.
  • Reaction time. Quick on the draw and good situational awareness when in platoon formation.

Known Weaknesses

  • Pathfinding. Dislikes rocks, bodies of water, and cluttered areas.
  • Threat priority. Sometimes has problems with determining what is the greater threat.


In 2001, Alpha India approached Volcano with a proposition to make a song about Steel Beasts. Initially the proposition was met with skepticism but an agreement was reached and the song Alpha India! was released in 2002. Over the years the song was eventually lost and forgotten but years later it turned up when Boof posted it to

The famous "Alpha India!" song starring Alpha India himself (explicit).