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The BTR-82A in Steel Beasts Professional

BTR-82/82A: Armored Personnel Carrier


Main Gun (BTR-82): 14.5mm KPVT
Ammunition Stowage: 500 ready/0 stowed
Default Ammunition: 500/0 14.5mm B-32 AP

Main Gun (BTR-82A): 2A72 30mm Autocannon
Ammunition Stowage: 300 ready/0 stowed
Default Ammunition “A”: 120 3BUR6 APBC-T, 180 OT HEI-T SD

Coaxial MG: 7.62mm PKT (BTR-82)
Ammunition Stowage: 250 ready/1750 stowed
Default Ammunition: 250/1750 7.62x54mm

Coaxial MG: 7.62mm PKT (BTR-82A)
Ammunition Stowage: 2000 ready/0 stowed
Default Ammunition: 2000/0 7.62x54mm

Grenade Launcher: 6x81mm 902V "Tucha"
Ammunition Stowage: 6 ready/6 stowed
Default Ammunition: 6/6 3D17 Smoke

Armor Protection:
Frontal Turret Armor: Thin, Steel(?). Protected vs LMG and shell splinter
Frontal Hull Armor: Thin, Composite. Protected vs HMG
Equipped with spall liners

Combat Mass: 15.4 tonnes
Length: 7.65m
Width: 2.90m
Height: 2.80m
Engine Power: 300hp KamAZ-740.14-300 eight-cylinder turbo diesel
Top Speed: 90 kph


Manufactured by Russia's Military Industrial Company (MIC), the BTR-82 is an upgraded version of the BTR-80A first unveiled in 2009. Currently Steel Beasts Professional models three versions of the BTR-82: the 14.5mm KPVT heavy machine gun armed BTR-82, the BTR-82A armed with an upgraded 30mm 2A72 autocannon over the 2A42 found on the BTR-80A, and the BTR-82AT which is the BTR82A with the addition of a thermal imaging unit. All versions feature a new fully stabilized version of the one-man BPPU turret, a coaxial 7.62mm PKT medium machine gun, TKN-4GA-02 day/night sight for the Gunner, and a separate TKN-AI surveillance camera with laser range finder replacing the Commander's TNK-3 (partially modeled). Additional improvements to the vehicle's engine (300hp KAMAZ 740.14-300), suspension, mine protection, and crew seating, along with the addition of air-conditioning, a new fire extinguishing system, spall lining, and "Trona-1” topographic orientation system (not modeled), increase the capabilities and survivability of the BTR-82 family. Both the BTR-82 and BTR-82A are crew-able at the the Commander's (F7), Gunner's (F6), and Driver's (F9) positions [see below], but only partially modeled with basic interior views. The BTR-82AT is available as a computer controlled unit only.

Although the addition of the 30mm cannon and improved sighting systems increases both the variety of potential targets these vehicles can tackle and the range at which in they can engage those targets, both the gun and armor upgrades are only modest improvements over the originals, leaving both the BTR-82 and BTR-82A firmly in the APC category. Keeping with this continuation of its primary role both versions of the BTR-82 equip the majority of battalions in a Motor Rifle Brigade, with the balance being equipped with the much more expensive BMP-3 or BMP-2U tracked IFVs. Note that with its new engine the BTR-82 family is roughly as capable as the T-90, and retain the BTR-80's amphibious qualities.

The dismount section for both the BTR-82 and BTR-82A is 6 men, carrying 3 RPG-26 anti-armor weapons, a PKM, and 5.45mm rifles.

In production since late-2011, manufacture of the BTR-82 family is still modest compared to its base design with about 2000+ vehicles in current service split between Azerbaijan (30+), Belarus (unknown number), Kazakhstan (100), Russian Naval Infantry units (20+), and Russian line Brigades. Military Industrial Company is under contract with the Russian military to convert BTR-80s to BTR-82A standards (BTR-82AM) as a stopgap design until production of the BTR K-17 Bumerang is sufficient to begin general replacement, therefore in-service numbers will continue to increase significantly from those above.

Thermal Signature

BTR-82 TIS image, front-right BTR-82 TIS image, rear-left
BTR-82A TIS image, front-right BTR-82A TIS image, rear-left

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Crew Positions

Tank Commander's Position F7

In Steel Beasts Professional the tank commander's (TC) position on the BTR-82 and BTR-82A is fully crew-able, but only partially modeled with basic interior views. The TC's position is accessed by pressing F7.

From this position the user can raise and lower their perspective (and exposure level) by holding the Q key (to go up) and the Z key (to go down). The TC can also button or unbutton (close and open the TC's hatch) by pressing the B key (toggle). While unbuttoned, the TC may also wish to use binoculars to get a closer view on a distant area by pressing the N key (toggle). Pressing the Shift-B key combination will close the ballistic doors in front of the windshield, in that case the vision blocks have to be used!

Note that with the hatch open the gunner cannot slew the gun, so it is advisable for the TC to use the vision blocks instead!

TKN-AI Commander's Periscope

The TKN-AI commander's “camera” is used for target acquisition, range estimation, and directing the gunner onto a target. The periscope has a fixed 6x magnification along with night vision capability (IR) and covers the vehicle's frontal 90° arc.

The TC can access the TKN-AI periscope by pressing F3.

Once the user is at the TKN-AI periscope view, the user can traverse and elevate the periscope using either the mouse or joystick.

The sight on the TKN-AI is a simple reticle with lead and elevation lines similar in shape and function to the standard Russian binocular reticle. The graticule features a 5 mil center cross with vertical and horizontal marks every 5 mils without numbering. Although typically equipped with a laser rangefinder, as modeled the TNK-AI lacks this feature, therefore the commander must manually range targets using some form of range estimation technique.

The TKN-AI's night vision can be turned on by pressing the + key on the num pad, however, this cannot be activated during daylight. The sight is of fairly good quality, superior to that found on earlier sights such as the TNK-3, but still inferior to the Gunner's TKN-4GA-02 IR sight due to its smaller size and resolution. Note that the IR sight's reticle will always be illuminated in red.

TC's vision block view

On some occasions the TC may need to look around the vehicle without having to expose himself to hostile fire. The vision block view allows the TC to remain safely inside the vehicle and quickly scan around for close threats. It is most useful when enemy infantry are in the immediate area, although the TKN-AI periscope is probably more useful for this purpose. The BTR-82 commander has four TNP-B vision blocks, which cover the vehicle's front and right side, and may be accessed by pressing F4.

Once in the vision block view, the mouse or joystick can be used to quickly and seamlessly pan the TC's view from vision block to vision block, allowing him to scan around the vehicle. While the vision block view completely protects the TC from hostile fire, it does have an extremely limited field of view and offers no magnification.

Key listing for BTR-82 TC's position

General Commands:

SHIFT + TAB: Smoke Generator. Instructs the driver to deploy a smoke screen by injecting diesel fuel into the exhaust manifold. Useful for breaking up enemy LRFs or obscuring following vehicles and infantry against a non thermal sight equipped threat.

Q: Raise position in hatch. Moves the TC's view and exposure level up in the hatch.

Z: Lower position in hatch. Moves the TC's view and exposure level down in the hatch.

B: Button and unbutton the hatch (toggle). This is used to close and open the hatch.

LEFT ARROW / RIGHT ARROW: Face left / face right. When in the TC's eye view F1, pressing these keys will cause the TC to face to the left or right of the main gun (turret).

UP ARROW / DOWN ARROW: When in the TC's eye view F1, pressing these keys will cause the TC to face in the direction of or to the rear of the gun (turret).

Driver related commands:

SHIFT + BACKSPACE: Shut down / start up engine (toggle). Orders the driver to shut off or start up the engine. If the TC is a platoon leader then it orders the platoon to execute a "short count" and simultaneously shut down or start up their engines.

W: Driver, move out. Instructs the driver to move forward (press again for increased speed.

S: Driver, stop. Instructs the driver to stop.

X: Driver, backup. Instructs the driver to reverse.

A: Driver, go left. Instructs the driver to go left (hold the key).

D: Driver, go right. Instructs the driver to go right (hold the key).

Gunner related commands:

SPACE BAR: Fire. Orders the gunner to fire at a target he is looking at.

H: Hold fire. Orders the gunner to hold fire. If the TC is a platoon leader then it will also order the platoon to hold fire.

F: Fire at will. Orders the gunner to fire at will. If the TC is a platoon leader then it will also order the platoon to fire at will.

E: Engage. Orders the gunner to engage, and instructs the driver to take up a battle position. If the TC is a platoon leader then it orders the platoon to engage and take up a battle position in the direction of the user's view.

M: Coax / Main gun (toggle). Orders the gunner to toggle between the main gun and coax to engage targets.

SHIFT + LEFT ARROW: Gunner, scan left. Orders the gunner to put move the turret approximately 45 degrees to the left and scan for targets.

SHIFT + RIGHT ARROW: Gunner, scan right. Orders the gunner to put move the turret approximately 45 degrees to the right and scan for targets.

SHIFT + UP ARROW: Gunner, scan front. Orders the gunner to put the gun over the front and scan for targets.

SHIFT + PAGE DOWN: Reload all. Orders the tank crew to reload all weapons systems.

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Gunner's Position F6

In Steel Beasts Professional the gunner's position of the BTR-82 and BTR-82A is crew-able, but only partially modeled with no interior views. The gunner's position is accessed by pressing F6.

Gunner's Primary Sight (GPS)

The primary sight for the gunner on both the BTR-82 and BTR-82A is the TKN-4GA-02 day/night sight. The sight provides a fixed 6x daylight and IR channel along with an anti-aircraft sight and is similar in function to that of the BMP-2.

Turret Controls

Unlike its BTR-80A predecessor, the elevation and traverse controls for the BPPU turret are powered with movement provided by either Joystick or Mouse.

Sight Symbology

In the GPS sight you will see a set of lines, numbers, and symbols: these are referred to as the gun sight symbology.

Daylight Sight

The TKN-4GA-02 day channel features a fixed 6x sight view that may be illuminated in red with the R key. The reticle consists of a large caret symbol which is flanked on either side by four vertical lines. The upper tip of the large center caret symbol is the aiming point firing at stationary targets. The upper tip of the vertical lines to the left and right of the center caret is the aiming point for moving targets. The height of the caret is 3 mils as are the vertical lead lines, with a 4 mil gap between them. To the left and right of the reticle are four ballistic range columns, two on the left and two on the right each conforming to a particular ammunition type, and two stationary horizontal indicator wires, one on each side. The columns are labeled in Cyrillic from left to right: P (APDS), O (HE), PKMT (coax), and KPVT (14.5mm HMG)

Like that of the BMP-2 and T-55 the reticle is adjustable for range. Pressing SHIFT + UP will increase the range by moving the reticle and range columns down the sight and SHIFT + DOWN will decrease range. Alternatively the mouse wheel can be used to adjust range, and holding SHIFT while doing so will increase the speed of the range adjustment.

When the range scale is set to zero a pair of conjoined ascending stadia type rangefinders will be below the right two range columns and to the right of the central aiming caret.

Stadia rangefinders

Note, as seen in the image above the stadia range scales are fixed with the horizontal indicator wires, so as the sight moves in elevation they interfere with the right side of the sight picture.

IR Sight

The TKN-4GA-02s passive IR sight shares the same 6x ocular and is activated by pressing + on the num The sight is of very good quality, capable of detecting targets at 2000m, differentiating targets at 1500m, and positively identifying at 1000m under starlight conditions. To prevent it from being overloaded and burnt out the sight cannot be used in daylight (the sight will appear black if accessed during the day).

TKN-4GA-02 passive IR sight view, M2A2 Bradley at 1000m under starlight conditions

Anti-Aircraft Sight

Pressing F3 switches to the TKN-4GA-02's anti-aircraft sight. The sight is a basic ring in ring design with an inner ring for targets moving at 50 meter per second (m/s) and markings at the top of each outer ring for targets moving at 150 and 250 m/s respectively.

6x Anti-aircraft channel

Similar to the M1 tank's GAS sight, the TKN-4GA-02 stadia rangefinders feature a central solid horizontal line and a series of ascending/decending (left to right) dashed lines. The top (ascending) is scaled for 2.5m tall targets while the bottom (descending) is for 2m targets. The numbers along the top and bottom of the scales represent the range in hundreds of meters. To estimate range to a 2.5m tall target (e.g. M2A2 Bradley) target, place the range scale so that the center horizontal line is where the bottom of the tracks of the vehicle is, and the top part of the scale is at the top of the vehicle hull or turret. When the target fully fits between the two, then the range is estimated at the value above the appropriate hash mark.

Ranging an enemy IFV at 1000m
Engaging Targets

Engaging targets with the TKN-4GA-02 sight is fairly straight forward. Once a target's range has been determined (using either the stadia rangefinders described above or using a range provided by the TC) align the target with the central sight caret and elevate the sight to the appropriate range line for the weapon being fired. Pressing SPACEBAR or Joystick Button 1 fires the selected gun with M toggling between the KPVT/30mm and coax. An important note, although stabilized the TKN-4GA-02 sight does not correct for cant, ballistic drift, or parallax therefore if the vehicle is not on level ground the actual point of impact will shift considerably from the point of aim requiring burst on target (BOT) gunnery techniques.

Daylight view, some lead applied on a moving target

Both the BTR-82 and BTR-82A lack an fire control system and therefore do NOT induce lead. Lead is the term used to refer to putting a gun in front of a target which is moving perpendicular to your vantage point. When you lead a target, you essentially need to fire in front of target at the point in which the round and target will meet. Since the TKN-4GA-02 sight do not calculate lead, then the gunner must estimate and apply lead himself, and he does this with the use of the vertical lines to the left and right of the central aiming point, and with a bit of skill.

Driver's Position F9

In Steel Beasts Professional the driver's position on the BTR-82 and BTR-82A is crew-able, but only partially modeled with a rudimentary interior views and no functional controls. Sitting to the left of the TC, the driver's position is accessed by pressing F9. Once in the driver's position, you can drive the vehicle by using the joystick or W A S D X keys.

Driver's vision blocks

When buttoned up, the driver views the world through 4 TNP-B vision blocks set in the roof of his compartment and a windshield to his direct front. Pressing the Shift-B key combination will open and close the ballistic doors in front of the windshield.

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