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Steel Beasts Professional provides team-leaders, squad-leaders, and vehicle commanders with basic military binoculars accessible from the F7 view using the n key to toggle. Magnification is fixed at 7x with a 2.1 degree field of view and a standardized vertical and horizontal mil-scale graticule overlay. Steel Beasts Professional models three different graticules tied to faction nationality:

NATO Standard: This graticule represents the standard one in use by NATO forces and all other factions represented in Steel Beasts Professional with the exception of Denmark, the OPFOR (generic Opposing Forces), Russia (all), Ukraine, and the USSR. Both horizontal and vertical scales are numbered every 10 mil increment and marked every 5 mils.
Standard NATO graticule
Standard NATO graticule with flank BMP-2 at 800m
Russian Standard: This represents a typical Russian style military mil graticule with a 5 mil center cross further marked every 5 mils with numbering every 20 mils. This graticule is used by the OPFOR, Russian (all), Ukrainian, and USSR factions. Note that this graticule is marked in “Russian” mils which subtend to 6000 mils in a circle rather than 6400.
Standard Russian graticule
Standard Russian graticule with flank BMP-2 at 800m
Denmark: This graticule is in use by the Danish armed forces and is therefore only seen when using the “Denmark” or “Denmark 2010” factions. Beyond being centered in the sight picture (unlike the vertical offset of the NATO version) this graticule conforms to its NATO counterpart.
Danish graticule
Danish graticule with flank BMP-2 at 800m

As all of the above binocular graticules are marked in mils they may (and should) be used for range estimation using either the reticle relationship or mil relationship (WORMS) methods. Lastly, although obvious, without some means of illumination (currently not modeled in Steel Beasts Professional) binoculars are useless during hours of darkness.