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The Bushmaster IMV as it appears in Steel Beasts Professional

Bushmaster IMV: Infantry Mobility Vehicle


Commander's MG: 7.62mm MAG
Ammunition Stowage: 200 ready/800 stowed
Default Ammunition: 200/800 7.62mm AP

0.50 Cal RWS Remote Weapons Station: .50 cal M2HB (optional)
Ammunition Stowage: 200 ready/900 stowed
Default Ammunition: 200/900 .50 cal M903 SLAP
Integral Grenades: 8 & 8 ready/12 & 16 stowed per bank (2), total 44

Armour Protection:
Frontal Turret Armour: N/A
Frontal Hull Armour: Thin, Composite. Protected vs 7.62mm AP. Blast resistant design features.
Equipped with spall liners

Combat Mass: 15 tonnes
Length: 7.18m
Width: 2.48m
Height: 2.65m
Engine Power: 330hp Caterpillar 3126E 7.2L turbocharged diesel
Top Speed: 120kph (on-road)


Manufactured by Thales Australia, the Bushmaster Infantry Mobility Vehicle (IMV) is an armed, armoured truck intended for internal security, counter-insurgency, and other low intensity warfare. The Bushmaster entered Australian service in 2005, and is in use by both the Australian Army and Air Force, British Army, Royal Netherlands Army, the Jamaica Defense Force, and the Indonesian military (as the Sanca).

The armour is thin, and lacking a heavy weapon this vehicle is very vulnerable to most threats. Its machine guns should only be used for direct fire in support of its dismounted infantry, or in emergencies against other light vehicles. It is however survivable against IEDs and other mines, using hull shaping and isolation of the crew from the hull to provide much higher survivability than conventional light vehicles. The Bushmaster is equipped with individual rally-style seats and cooled drinking water, to enhance the dismount's continued effectiveness in hostile arid conditions by enhancing their comfort during movement.

By default unarmed, this vehicle may be equipped with a pintle mounted MAG (M240), MG3, or .50 cal M2HB machine gun at the commander's position, or may mount either the Lemur or 0.50 Cal RWS remote weapon stations. This vehicle is fully crew-able at the Commander's (F7), Driver's (F9), and Squad Leader's (F11) positions, but only partially modeled with rudimentary interior views.

The dismount section for the Bushmaster is 8 men carrying 2 M136 (AT-4) light anti-armour weapons, a 7.62mm MAG 58 (M240), and 5.56mm rifles.

Thermal Signature

Bushmaster TIS image, front-right Bushmaster TIS image, rear-left