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== General ==
== General ==
==Thermal Signature==
[[Image:CV9040C_TIS_front-right.jpg|300px|CV 90/40 C TIS image, front-right]][[Image:CV9040C_TIS_rear-left.jpg|300px|CV 90/40 C TIS image, rear-left]]<br>
[[Category: PC]]
[[Category: PC]]

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CV 90/40-C: Infantry Fighting Vehicle


Main Gun: Bofors L70 40mm Autocannon
Ammunition Stowage: 24 ready/96 stowed
Ammunition Caliber: 40mm x 364R
Default Ammunition: 8/32 Slpprj 90LK/05 APFSDS-T, 8/32 Slsgr 90 HET, 8/32 Kulsgr 95LK '3P'

Coaxial Machine Gun: Roof mounted coaxial mg
Ammunition Stowage: 500 ready/1250 stowed
Default Ammunition: 500/1250 7.62mm AP (NATO)

Grenades: Smoke Grenades
Ammunition Storage: 4 salvo ready/0 stowed
Default Ammunition: 4/0 GALIX Multispectral Smoke*

  • Only 2 salvos of smoke should be available, it is suggested that 2 be moved from ready to stowed in the scenario editor.

Armour Protection: Enhanced mine protection
Front Turret: Protected from 30 mm AP
Front Hull: Protected from 30mm AP
Equipped with spall liners


Thermal Signature

CV 90/40 C TIS image, front-rightCV 90/40 C TIS image, rear-left