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Broadly defined, Artillery elements provide indirect fire support to maneuver units. For the purposes of Steel Beasts Professional these elements include field artillery (howitzer, mortar, and rocket artillery) and limited fixed-wing air-support. In versions prior to 3.002, all artillery elements are notional units located "off map" with the number of tubes/batteries/aircraft and types of munitions available determined by the scenario designer. For these notional units ammunition and range is effectively unlimited, and although unit displacement is modeled, counter-battery fire is not. Post 3.002 versions support 3D rendered functional "on map" artillery units - including mortar, howitzer, and rocket artillery - each with realistic ranges and properties in addition to the standard "off map" variety. Such on map units offer enhanced flexibility and quicker response times, but require much greater player attention, suffer restrictions on range and ammunition, and are subject to counter-battery and direct fires from other battlefield units. Those seeking information on the setup and use of both on and off map artillery in Steel Beasts Professional should refer to the Artillery Guide.

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