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Helicopters are rotary wing aircraft that are used by many of the worlds military and perform a variety of roles. The helicopters ability to perform at high speed, in all weather conditions, and without regard to terrain restriction makes the helicopter a valuable asset to any commander. Helicopters are announced in fire commands as "chopper" to facilitate brevity. Helicopters are normally split into two major groups: transport and attack helicopters. Transports, are comprised of cargo and utility helicopters, and perform a variety of roles, including air assaults, insertions and extractions of personnel and equipment, laying minefields, medical evacuation, performing artillery raids and even reconnaissance. These types of helicopters greatest defense is operating at night and using terrain to mask their location from enemy sensors and weapons. Attack helicopters have armor protection for vital components and crewmembers. These helicopters carry heavy armament, including chain guns, miniguns, unguided rocket pods and anti-tank guided missiles. These helicopters try to rely on powerful sensors, and long range weapons to minimize their exposure to enemy fire.

As of version 3.002, transports (including the Mi-24 Hind) may embark, carry, and debark infantry at way points, but a small degree of scripting may still be needed to fully simulate heli-borne insertions. When used with proper tactics, attack helicopters can be deadly. The general tendency for the inexperienced mission designer is to give a helicopter a one route pass over the battlefield. However, with the use of the "Guard" tactic, helicopters can move to a firing position and withdraw to the next once they are under fire, making them a deadly and evasive threat.

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