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Medic vehicles are used to "repair" injured crew members. Due to their "special" status, medic vehicles will not be targeted by AI units or designated by TCs. Prior to revision 4.156 such vehicles could not be directly crewed by players and no binocular or thermal/NVG view was available from the F8 observer position (although the F8 view was available when testing a mission in the Mission Editor). Additionally, ambulances could only travel along movement routes, as they did not accept manual driving input, nor could they be used to capture regions. With revision 4.156 all the above restrictions, with the exception of being unable to capture regions, have been lifted, allowing the medical portion of CSS (Combat Service Support) operations to be under player control.

Also beginning with revision 4.156 all ambulance vehicles now carry dismountable Medic Teams capable of “reviving” any dismounted infantry casualties (i.e. dead troops) that can be saved if they are located within a small radius (25m) of their location. Medic teams only effect dismounted elements, and not vehicle crews.

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