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Personnel carriers come in two forms: the Armored Personnel Carrier, or APC, and the more modern Infantry Fighting Vehicle, or IFV. APCs may be fully tracked or wheeled, but IFVs are usually fully tracked and carry heavier armament. APCs are usually equipped with only a heavy machine gun or a light machine gun where as IFVs usually have an auto cannon, or other higher caliber weapon, and may also have an ATGM launcher for heavy armor threats. A third type of personnel carrier is what the US refers to as the Cavalry Fighting Vehicle, or CFV, which essentially an IFV with a smaller compliment of scout troopers. Other nations simply refer to CFVs as recce or reconnaissance vehicles.

The primary purpose and most valuable asset of personnel carriers is its allotted infantry contingent. APCs are primarily used to quickly get the infantry into battle while at the same time protecting them against small arms. IFVs do the same but they have the ability to better protect their dismounted troops from armored threats and can provide an effective base of fire to support the infantry.

Some vehicles in this group are recce and fire support vehicles based on common chassis to the APC variant - these have much smaller squads, or don't carry infantry at all.