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Standard 80m resupply radius in Steel Beasts Professional.

In Steel Beasts Professional supply vehicles provide ammunition or fuel resupply services to the armed vehicles, infantry squads, and missile/MG teams represented in the simulation. Such vehicles may be made available to Blue, Red, and other factional forces and will only resupply units of its own side. Thus a Blue supply vehicle cannot be used by another factions armed vehicles, regardless of enemy/neutral/allied status. All resupply vehicles have a "resupply radius" (80m) which is visible when the unit is selected on the F5 map screen (see right). Resupply of ammunition or fuel can be accomplished by moving the unit which requires resupply within the indicated radius and then waiting; resupply will automatically commence within a couple of minutes. Note that the time to fully resupply will vary based on type and amount.

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