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For the most recent information regarding multiplayer games, please refer to the Multiplayer Games / Engagements sub-forum of the forums.

You can find the dates and times to community current events here. If you have an event you would like to host then feel free to add it to the end, just follow the formatting of the rest of the list below.


TGIF is played every Friday at 2100 CST/CDT. For more information, check out the TGIF SBWiki entry or read the "TGIF 2014: scenario list, discussion, and house rules" thread on the forums

POC: Sean - Contact Sean through the forums


The members of the BG ANZAC Virtual Unit get together weekly (currently on Thursdays at 0800 GMT) to play Steel Beasts. First-timers and guests are welcome!

POC: Gibsonm - Contact Gibsonm through the forums

Dogs of War

The members of the Dogs of War Virtual Unit play Steel Beasts twice per week. First-timers and guests are welcome!

  • Saturdays at 1900 GMT - The Saturday meeting of DoW is a casual night of killing stuff! Anyone and everyone is invited to join in the fun. For more details, refer to the "T.A.N.K.S. Multiplayer every Saturday" thread on the forums.
  • Sundays at 1900 GMT - The Sunday missions tend to be multi-crewed (one player as TC and one as Gunner per tank) and are a little more formal than the Saturday meetings. That being said, newcomers are still welcome to join! See the "Dogs of War Regular Sunday meeting" thread on the forums for more information.

POC: Asid - Contact Asid through the forums

United Operations

United Operations is a Tactical Gaming Community known mostly for playing Arma. UO is now running a weekly 'hardcore' Steel Beasts meeting on Saturdays at 2200 GMT. For more information, please check the "Organizing weekly "hardcore" SB mission" thread on the forums.

POC: PaladinSix (MDF on the forums) - Contact Paladin/MDF through the forums

Past Events

Long Night of Tanks XIV


Read the Long Night of Tanks 2014 thread on the forums.

POC: Pz Btl 911

Operation Variable


See the wiki entries for Operation Variable for synopsis of the campaign

POC: Tacbat Contact Tacbat through the forums

Red Leopard


A seven scenario campaign of the Leopard 1 acting as OPFOR as a stand in for the T-72. Campaign run: 22 JAN 2010 to 02 APR 2010 (6 missions)

POC: Tarball

Top Tank Platoon


A tournament where teams of four people act as tank commanders in a tank platoon and fight it out from week to week against another team in a quick 45 minute 4 vs 4 scenario with no map updates.

POC: Volcano

Red Tide


This is a Cold War era type campaign called "Red Tide". The campaign is self is straight forward Soviet / NATO engagements, set in 1985 near Hannover, Germany. Campaign completed: 01 SEP 2012.

POC: Volcano


Completed, but played occasionally.

This is a arcade type co-operative event where several users form a platoon and attempt to survive waves of AI attacks. Score is based on number of AI waves survived.

POC: Volcano