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Main Gun: Bofors L70 40mm x 364R Autocannon (Dummy - Nonfunctional)
Ammunition Stowage: 0 ready/0 stowed
Default Ammunition "A": 0/0 Slpprj 90LK/97 APFSDS-T, 0/0 Slsgr 90 HET, 0/0 Kulsgr 90 PFHE

Coaxial Machine Gun: 7.62 mm Ksp m/39 machine gun (M1919A4)
Ammunition Stowage: 250 ready/1500 stowed
Default Ammunition: 250/1500 7.62mm (SE)

Grenades: Smoke Grenades
Ammunition Storage: 1 salvo ready/3 stowed
Default Ammunition: 1/3 GALIX Multispectral Smoke*

Armour Protection:
Front Turret: Protected from 30 mm AP
Front Hull: Protected from 30mm AP

Combat Mass: 23.1 tonnes
Length: 6.55m
Width: 3.19m
Height: 2.71m
Engine Power: 550hp Scania DSI 14 Diesel
Top Speed: 70kph


The CV90FOV/A (Epbv 90B) is a Swedish Forward Observer Vehicle based off of the CV90/40. This vehicle is fully crew-able at the Commander's (F7), Gunner's (F6), Driver's (F9), and "Squad Leader's" [FO Team] (F11) positions, and shares the same crew functionality as the CV9040C except as noted under "Crew Positions" below.

Note that in Steel Beasts the 3d model (both internal and external) of the CV9040B is used (for the 'turret view' the CV9040C model is used).

Please refer to the "Vehicle Manual FOV90.pdf" document in the 'Other Documents' folder of your Steel Beasts Professional start program menu for an in-depth explanation of this vehicle's functionality.

Crew Positions

Gunner F6

  • Use the Lase button (Joystick button #2, Ctrl, right mouseclick) to use the laser range finder
  • Use the Space Bar to send the range to the Call for Fire dialog box as a selectable target coordinate in the Location dialog/pull-down box
  • The gunner cannot call for fire, only enter the range, and once sent using the Space Bar per the above, this range will be available to the commander.
  • To use the Space Bar to fire the 7.62mm, press the M key and this will toggle the machine gun for firing. Hitting M again will switch back to ranging mode.

Commander F7

  • The commander or squad leader (=dismounted FO) must perform the actual CFF, to maintain clarity on which role has ultimate control over which part of the support request process (gunner ranges, commander uses this information and has final say on the request). If the CFF window was already open when the gunner lased range and sent it to the commander, the CFF window must be closed and re-opened to reflect the newly sent range coordinates.
  • If dismounted, the FO doesn't have access to the coordinates lased by the vehicle, but has to use his own sight

Squad F11

Dismountable FO teams can open the troop hatches and operate NVGs. They cannot however operate their sight while they are mounted.