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Forward Observer and Forward Air Control Teams might be "pure" dismounted infantry or the dismount section of a FO/TACP vehicle. However, once dismounted, the team's views and designation process (as well as the call to support) are identical to that of vehicle mounted systems. Although technically different elements, with differing equipment and roles, in Steel Beasts Professional both FO and FAC teams are functionally identical.

In the observer position F8, the squad leader's position is visualized by a little 3d model of binoculars.
Observer view of the FO team
F7 switches to a first-person view of the squad leader.
FO team squad leader's view
Pressing N provides a magnified third-person view (and only if the Realism setting is Low or Medium (Rev. 3.002)).
Magnified view from the AT-4 team
Pressing N will toggle the binocular view which can not be used to generate target coordinates.
Magnified view of the FO team
Pressing F2 activates the forward observer's sight which is identical in layout and function to the Ground/Vehicular Laser Locator Designator (G/VLLD) found on the M981 Fire Support Team Vehicle (FIST-V).
FO day sight
This sight features a thermal view as well, which can be toggled by Num +. Additionally, NVG (Night Vision Goggle) or thermal (JIM-LR) views for the squad leader/members (Num +) are available under appropriate lighting conditions if the team is so equipped (rev. 2.640).
TO thermal sight

Note that a dismounted FO/FAC team does not have access to the mounting vehicle's coordinates when calling for fire - they have to use their own sight.

Note that in the current version of Steel Beasts Professional PE it is possible to use the FO/FAC commander's binoculars and the forward observer's sight from within buildings (rev. 2.640).