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Added with version update 2.339, Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) teams provide direct fire support to Infantry units utilizing some variation (depending on nationality) of belt fed heavy or medium machine gun. These weapons offer effective ranges from 800-1800m (1500m tracer burn-out), with the ability to penetrate light cover and some light anti-armor capability. Beginning with version 4.000, HMG teams may use any dismounted movement type available, but fatigue much quicker when jogging or sprinting compared to regular infantry units.

The observer position F8 displays a third-person view of the HMG team.
Observer view of the HMG team.
Pressing N provides a magnified third-person view (and only if the Realism setting is Low or Medium (rev. 3.002)).
Magnified view from the HMG team.
F7 or F11 switches to the first-person view of the "Squad Leader"/gunner.
HMG team "Squad Leader's" view.
Pressing N will bring the Squad Leader's binoculars into action. This can not be used to engage targets.
Squad Leader's Bino view.
Pressing F2 accesses the weapon sights. From here the mouse or joystick may be used to aim, and the space bar/default trigger to fire. Beginning with revision 4.016 three different sight pictures are available from the F2 view.

The default view offers a vertical peep-sight graduated from 100 to 2600m (100 to 3400m for the Dshk) adjustable with either the MOUSE WHEEL or SHIFT + UP ARROW / SHIFT + DOWN ARROW (forward reduces range and backwards increases). Pressing R flips the sight down to a standard (non-adjustable) ghost ring sight [anti-aircraft sight for the Dshk] zeroed at 750m and pressing N shifts the gunner's view from “close” (through the sights) to “far” (over the sights).

The HMG sight does not have thermal or night vision capability, but NVG (Night Vision Goggle) or thermal (JIM-LR) views for the squad leader/members (Num +) are available under appropriate lighting conditions if the team is so equipped (rev. 2.640). Note that the JIM-LR is useful for observation only, but NVGs may be used with weapon sights (rev. 4.016).

HMG weapon sight set at 800m.
HMG weapon sight in “down” position.
HMG weapon sight from the “far” (over the sights) position.
Pressing O while looking thorough the sights shifts the gunner's view to look "over" the gun, allowing a wide field of view and quick target acquisition, but requires BOT (burst on target) gunnery techniques to walk effective fire on to the target. As with the sights, pressing N shifts the Squad Leader's view from “far” to “close”.
Gunner's HMG view looking over the gun (far).
Gunner's HMG view looking over the gun (close).

Selecting Weapon Type

By default, HMG teams are armed with the M2 .50 cal machine gun. If a scenario designer wants to change that, right-click on the team in question, navigate to its "optional weapon type" submenu and select one of the following: Dshk heavy, M2HB, or MG3 medium machine guns. Note that the method used prior to revision 2.640 (specifying the MG type by selecting a different ammunition type in the unit's ammunition window) is no longer functioning, and the ammunition window will only list ammo types suitable for the selected gun.

Selecting a HMG team's weapon

Notes on the MG3

When outfitted with a MG3 in the heavy machine gun role, the weapon will be mounted on a buffered Feldlafette (Ger: field tripod) and equipped with a Zielfernrohr 4 × 24 periscope-style telescopic sight.
Observer view of the MG3 HMG team.
Unlike the optical sights for the M2 (see below), the Zielfernrohr optic is adjustable for range. Once in the F2 weapon sight view the Mouse Wheel can be used to rotate the numbered scale surrounding the reticle (forward reduces range and backwards increases). The numbers represent hundreds of meters with dots indicating whole increments in between. The number directly below the aiming post is the indexed range. By default the range will be set to 300m when first entering the sight. Note that the sight's reticle may be illuminated (in yellow) for low-light engagements or to standout against a dark background by pressing the R key.
MG3 HMG weapon sight with 800m indexed.

Optional Optics (M2 HMG)

As of revision 4.250 the M2HB HMG may optionally be equipped with one of three optical sights: an ELCAN Specter 3.4x telescopic sight, a Swedish 3.4x reflex sight, or a Trijicon ACOG TA01NSN 4x optic.
Observer view of the HMG team.
As with the standard sights F7 or F11 switches to the first-person view of the "Squad Leader"/gunner. Note that the gunner's view is severely limited with a mounted optic.
HMG team "Squad Leader's" view with an optic.
As normal, F2 accesses the weapon sight/s. Pressing R switches between the optic and the iron ghost ring sight and pressing N shifts the gunner's view from “close” (through the sights) to “far” (over the sights). All optics are compatible with NVGs, but the reflex sight lacks any reticle while in the NGV view.
Specter 3.4x weapon sight, day.
Specter 3.4x weapon sight, NVG.

3.4x reflex sight, day.
3.4x reflex sight, NVG.

Trijicon ACOG, day.
Trijicon ACOG, NVG.
The “Specter'” 3.4x weapon sight features a chevron shaped BDC (bullet drop compensating) reticle zeroed at 400m (tip of the arrow) with range dots equaling 600, 800, and 1000m [1200m at the base of the chevron].
Specter 3.4x weapon sight with ranges.