Kulsgr 95LK

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Maximum Range: 3000m
Armor Penetration: 20mm RHAe (KE)
Muzzle Velocity: 1000m/s
Date Fielded: 1995


The Kulsgr 95LK is a 40mm high-explosive round with a programmable proximity fuse, designed to defeat aircraft, helicopters, and large missiles (anti-ship), as well as unprotected infantry and lightly armoured vehicles. When the round explodes, it detonates into about 1100 fragments.

The fuse has 4 ground target modes, and 3 air target modes:

Ground Target Modes

  • Impact: round detonates when it hits.
  • Delayed impact: round detonates after it hits.
  • Timed: basically top attack. lase a target, and the round explodes 5m above it.
  • Time spread: rounds are programmed to explode at different ranges above the target.

Air Target Modes

  • Gated proximity: use against attack helicopters and large missiles, flying low.
  • Delayed gated proximity: use against large transport aircraft.
  • Proximity: all air targets.