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This RWS, manufactured by Bofors Defence AB, is gyro-stabilized, with a thermal sight, and can be equipped with a cal .50 heavy machine gun or a 40mm automatic grenade launcher. Lemur can be coupled to the Pilar(w) microphone array. This is a shot detection system plugged into the fire control system and can, in automatic mode, override the gunner to point him to the approximate source of incoming fire.

Currently, the ASLAV-PC, Bushmaster, Cougar 6x6 MRAP, Eagle IV, GTK Boxer APC, M-113G3, MAN SX45 , Piranha IIIC, Wisent AEV, and Wisent ARV vehicles may be equipped with Lemur. Right-click on the vehicle in the mission editor, select "Options", "Remote weapon station" and the type of weapon you want to equip.
Equipping Lemur

Please refer to the in-game Lemur tutorials for information on how to operate this weapon system.


http://www.armedforces-int.com/article/steel-beasts-professional.html - Article about Steel Beasts Lemur simulation