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M113-FO: Forward Observer Vehicle


HMG: 0.50 cal M2HB
Ammunition Stowage: 100 ready/ 800 stowed
Default Ammunition "A": 100/800 0.50 cal M2 AP-T

Grenade Launcher: Smoke Grenades
Ammunition Stowage: 1 ready/2 stowed
Default Ammunition: 1/2 Smoke

Armor Protection:
Frontal Turret Armor: N/A
Frontal Hull Armor: Moderate, Aluminum. Protected vs HMG

Combat Mass: 15 tonnes
Length: 5.30m
Width: 2.69m
Height: 1.85m (2.66m w/machine gun)
Engine Power: 300hp MTU 6V 183 TC22 EURO II Diesel
Top Speed: 65kph


The M113 FO (called Viking) is essentially an unmodified M113G3 transporting a three-man dismountable FO team instead of troops. As with the M113G3, the M113 FO may be equipped with either the Lemur or Kongsberg Protector .50 cal remote weapon stations replacing the commander's 0.50 cal.

This vehicle is fully modeled and crew-able at the Commander's (F7), Gunner's (F6 if equipped with a RWS), Driver's (F9), and Squad Leader's (F11) positions. Additionally, although not visible on the vehicle model, the vehicle commander may also call for fire using a sight identical in function to the G/VLLD found on the M981 FISTV. This sight may be accessed using the using the F2 key from the Commander's station.