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The M113A2 in Steel Beasts Professional with optional gun-shield

M113A2: Armored Personnel Carrier


Ammunition Stowage: 100 ready/ 800 stowed
Default Ammunition: 100/800 .50 cal M2 AP-T

Grenade Launcher: N/A
Ammunition Stowage: 0 ready/0 stowed
Default Ammunition: 0/0 Smoke

Armor Protection:
Frontal Turret Armor: N/A
Frontal Hull Armor: Moderate. Aluminium. Protected vs small arms and shell splinter

Combat Mass: 11.74 tonnes
Length: 4.86m
Width: 2.68m
Height: 2.52m
Engine Power: 215hp Detroit Diesel 6V53 V6 diesel
Top Speed: 64kph


The M113A2 is 1979 modification to the M113A1 which replaced the shock absorbers and torsion bars for increased ground clearance and cross-country performance, and improved engine cooling by switching the locations of the fan and radiator. A number of version specific modifications were added throughout the 'A2s service life, such as the enhanced trim vane and rear mounted armored external fuel tanks replacing the internal tank on the M981 FIST-V, most of which were standardized on the later M113A3.

Beginning with version 4.250 of Steel Beasts Professional this vehicle is available with Combat Engineering capacity in addition to its role as an APC. As an Engineer vehicle it may mark cleared paths through mine fields, tow a MICLIC trailer, carry barrier material (concertina wire rolls), and construct wire obstacles in a manner identical to the M113G3 Engineer.

The dismount section for the M113A2 is 8 men, equipped with 4 M72A1 light anti-armor weapons, 5.56mm rifles, and a M47 Dragon ATGM while as an engineering vehicle, it carries a 7 man engineer squad equipped with 5.56mm rifles.

Nearly all users of the M113/M113A1 have undertaken this upgrade, making the M113A2 the most common version in current service.

Thermal Signature

M113A2 TIS image, front-right M113A2 TIS image, rear-left