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The M113G3-DK in Steel Beasts Professional

M113G3-DK TOW: ATGM Carrier


ATGM: TOW missile
Ammunition Supply: 1 ready/6 stowed
Default Ammunition "A": 1/6 TOW-2

HMG: 0.50 cal M2HB
Ammunition Stowage: 100 ready/ 1900 stowed
Default Ammunition "A": 100/1900 PBAPT M/84 LS (FAPDS)

Grenade Launcher: Smoke Grenades
Ammunition Stowage: 1 ready/0 stowed
Default Ammunition: 1/0 Smoke

Armor Protection:
Frontal Turret Armor: N/A
Frontal Hull Armor: Moderate, Aluminum. Protected vs HMG

Combat Mass: 15 tonnes
Length: 5.30m
Width: 2.69m
Height: 1.85m (2.95m w/TOW launcher)
Engine Power: 300hp MTU 6V 183 TC22 EURO II Diesel
Top Speed: 70kph


An ATGM carrying variant of the M113G3/A3 in service with Denmark, similar versions can be found in use around the world.

This vehicle is fully modeled and crew-able at the Commander's (F7), Gunner's (F6), and Driver's (F9) positions. Note that although mounted and provided with ammunition, the M2 machine gun at the Commander's position is currently not functional due to the position of the TOW launcher. Additionally, the TOW launcher's field of fire is restricted to the vehicle's frontal 60° arc.

Beginning with revision 4.156 the M113G3-DK TOW may be equipped with the Diehl Active Vehicle Protection System (AVePS) to enhance protection against RPG and ATGM threats.

Thermal Signature

M113G3-DK TOW TIS image, front-right M113G3-DK TOW TIS image, rear-left


reference: http://www.armyvehicles.dk/m113g3dk.htm