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The M113G4-DK in Steel Beasts Professional

M113G4 DK: Armored Personnel Carrier


Commander's Machine Gun: .50 cal M2HB
Ammunition Stowage: 100 ready/1900 stowed
Default Ammunition: 100/1900 .50 cal M2 AP-T

Grenade Dischargers: Grenades
Ammunition Stowage: 1 ready/3 stowed
Default Ammunition: 1/3 Smoke

Armor protection:
Frontal Turret Armor: Light. Aluminum. Protected against 7.62mm AP
Frontal Hull Armor:Light. Aluminum. Protected against 14.5mm AP and older RPG warheads.

Combat Mass: 19 tonnes
Length: 5.40m (w/o RPG screening)
Width: 3.10m (w/o RPG screening)
Height: 1.85m (2.85m w/machine gun)
Engine Power: 350hp MTU 6V199TE diesel
Top Speed: 65kph


The M113G4-DK is the culmination of a multi-year modification project to enhance the protection and fighting abilities of the Danish M113G3 fleet. Similar in concept to the M113AS4, the M113G4 DK is based off the M113G3 "long", a stretched version .66m longer than standard and with an added road wheel station. Upgrades include URDAN style perforated appliqué armor, chain-link style anti-RPG screening, enhanced mine/IED protection, revised spall lining, isolated mine resistant crew seating, smooth riding rubberized "band" tracks, and a Sima Innovation developed LMR M08 motorized ringmount with all round ballistic protection. Modifications to the engine, transmission, and suspension help maintain mobility despite the increased weight, and additional protection is provided to unbuttoned infantry in the form of parapet like stowage boxes on the vehicle roof. In Steel Beasts Professional the M113G4-DK is crew-able at the Commander's (F7), Driver's (F9), and Squad Leader's (F11) positions, but only partially modeled with rudimentary interiors.

Carrying a two man crew, the default dismount section for the M113G4-DK is 8 men, carrying 2 M136 (AT4) light anti-armor weapons, a MG, and 5,56mm rifles.

Beginning with revision 4.156 the M113G4-DK may be equipped with the Diehl Active Vehicle Protection System (AVePS) to enhance protection against RPG and ATGM threats.

Thermal Signature

M113G4-DK TIS image, front-right M113G4-DK TIS image, rear-left


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