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M3A2: Cavalry Fighting Vehicle (Recon Vehicle)


Main Gun: Bushmaster 25mm Autocannon
Ammunition Stowage: 300 ready/600 stowed
Default Ammunition "A": 70/470 M791 APDS-T, 230/730 M792 HE-I-T*

ATGM: TOW missile
Ammunition Stowage: 2 ready/10 stowed
Default Ammunition: 2/10 TOW-2

Coaxial Machine Gun: 7.62mm M240C
Ammunition Stowage: 800 ready/3600 stowed
Default Ammunition: 800/3600 7.62mm AP (NATO)

Grenades: Smoke Grenades
Ammunition Storage: 2 salvo ready/2 stowed
Default Ammunition: 2/2 Smoke

Armour Protection:
Front Turret: Protected from 30mm AP
Front Hull: Protected from 30mm AP
Equipped with spall liners (in troop compartment areas)

Weight: 29 tonnes
Length: 6.55m
Width: 3.60m
Height: 2.98m
Engine: 600hp Cummins VTA-903T 8-cylinder diesel
Speed: 66kph


A minor modification to the M2 Bradley IFV, the M3A2 carries 5 additional TOW missiles and considerably more stowed 25mm and 7.62mm ammunition, but only 2 dismounts/scouts, equipped with one M136 (AT-4) anti-armor weapon and 5.56mm rifles.

Beginning with revision 4.156 the M3A2 may be equipped with the Diehl Active Vehicle Protection System (AVePS) to enhance protection against RPG and ATGM threats.

Thermal Signature

M3A2 TIS image, front-right M3A2 TIS image, rear-left

Crew Positions

Please visit the M2A2 Bradley page for detailed information on the M3A2's crew positions since both vehicles are functionally identical.