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M901 ITV: ATGM Carrier

The M901 as it appears in Steel Beasts Professional


ATGM: TOW missile
Ammunition Supply: 2 ready/10 stowed
Default Ammunition: 2/10 TOW-2A

Grenades: Smoke Grenades
Ammunition Supply: 2 ready/2 stowed
Default Ammunition: 2/2 smoke grenade

Armor Protection:
Front Turret: Light protection for optics
Front Hull: Light, Aluminum. Protected from 14.5mm AP

Combat Mass: 11.80 tonnes
Length: 4.86m
Width: 2.69m
Height: 2.59m (launcher stowed), 3.35m (launcher erected)
Engine Power: 215hp 6V53 V6 diesel
Speed: 64kph (on a good day, down hill...with a tailwind)


Introduced in 1978, the M901 Improved TOW Vehicle is a modification of the venerable M113 series of APCs. Equipped with the M27 powered cupola and a two missile Emerson (now Systems & Electronics Inc, or SEI) "hammer head" extensible launcher, the ITV can engage targets from a protected defilade position, with only the launcher exposed. The modeled version is the M901A1, capable of firing all versions of the TOW missile, though it lacks the laser range finder and second-generation thermal camera included with the TOW 2 "Improved Target Acquisition System".

Replaced in U.S. service by the Bradley fighting vehicle in the early nineteen-eighties, the M901 series continues to serve in the armies of several middle-eastern and Asian countries.

Thermal Signature

M901 TIS image, front-right M901 TIS image, rear-left

Crew Positions

Tank Commander's Position F7

In Steel Beasts Professional the tank commander's (TC) position on the M901 is crew-able. The TC's position is accessed by pressing F7.

TC's position looking rearward. Note the periscope assembly eyepiece to the upper-right

Wedged between the gunner and driver, the TC has actually only his periscope to view the outside world. He does not have a hatch to look outside, and neither does his position feature vision blocks.

Squad Leader's Periscope

The commander's periscope is used for target acquisition, range estimation, directing the gunner onto a target. Though it can be rotated 360°, because of the launcher, it only has a 270° field of view and is limited to a day channel and only one magnification level.

TC's periscope view
Stadia lines in the squad leader's periscope

In the center of the view are range estimation stadia lines: the inner two vertical lines are 3 mils apart, the outer two 8 mils.

Note that the TC has no way of overriding the gunner - he can only give verbal commands and hope that the gunner picks up the right (or any) target.

Gunner's Position F6

The gunner controls the "hammerhead" launcher which holds the TOW sight assembly as well as two missiles.

Gunner's position eye view
Gunner's unbuttoned view with launcher stowed
M901 reloading its launcher, blocking the gunner's hatch

From this position the user can raise and lower their perspective (and exposure level) by holding the Q key (to go up) and the Z key (to go down). The gunner can also button or unbutton (close and open the hatch) by pressing the B key (toggle). While unbuttoned, the gunner may also wish to use binoculars to get a closer view on a distant area by pressing the N key (toggle).
Note that while reloading the hatch has to be closed.

The launcher can be raised by pressing the Shift-Q' key and lowered by pressing the Shift-Z key (similar as how it is done on the M2A2 and M3A2 vehicles). Note that the GPS sight view will only be active once the launcher has been fully raised.

  • WARNING: When in the Gunner's Position, the ATGM launcher must be lowered before moving out, or you will risk damaging it. Use SHIFT + Z to lower the launcher, and SHIFT + Q to raise it. You are able to to drive around for several seconds with the launcher fully raised, but generally speaking you should avoid moving until the launcher is less than 2/3rds raised.

Gunner's Primary Sight (GPS)

The gunner has a primary sight featuring a day and a night channel, with two magnification levels each.

The day channel's wide angle mode features only a circular marking showing the field of view of the high magnification mode. It should be used when observing an area.

The day channel's narrow angle mode features the well-known TOW reticle. Just place the cross over the target to guide the TOW missile to its target.

GPS view, wide angle, daysight
GPS view, narrow angle, daysight
The wide-angle TIS sight features range estimation stadia lines - the two vertical lines (on each side of the 'big' vertical line) are 2.5mil apart and may be used to determine if a target is beyond the missile's range.
GPS view, wide angle, TIS
Targets that appear smaller than what is indicated to the right are beyond 3500m and should not be engaged.
Ranging with the AN/TAS-4A

Vision Blocks

The gunner's M27 cupola has eight large direct vision vision blocks, allowing the gunner to remain safely inside the vehicle and quickly scan around for close threats; being most useful when enemy infantry are in the immediate area. Although not "accessible" as with other vehicles, they offer a relatively wide field of view and are quite useful from the F1 eye view.

Gunner's vision block view looking front right with the launcher erected

Driver's Position F9

In Steel Beasts Professional the driver's position on the M901 is crew-able but only partially modeled. There is a 3D view for the driver but but there are no functional switches or gauges in the driver's position. The driver's position is accessed by pressing F9.

Driver's vision blocks

When buttoned up, the driver views the world through 5 vision blocks set in the roof of his compartment. From this position the user can raise and lower their perspective (and exposure level) by holding the Q key (to go up) and the Z key (to go down). The driver can also button or unbutton (close and open the driver's hatch) by pressing the B key (toggle).