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The MAN type 464 8x8 LKW 10t mil gl Category 1 (KAT 1) truck in Steel Beasts Professional

MAN KAT 1: Heavy/Medium Tactical Truck


Commander's MG: 7.62mm MG3 (optional)
Ammunition Stowage: 80 ready/320 stowed
Default Ammunition "A": 80/320 7.62mm DE

Armor Protection:
Frontal Turret Armor: N/A
Cab Armor: N/A.

[Type 464 8x8] Combat Mass: 13.4 tonnes (plus up to 10 tonnes of cargo)
Length: 10.27m
Width: 2.5m
Height: 2.93m
Engine Power: 360hp MAN D2866 KFG diesel
Top Speed: 90kph

[Type 451 4x4] Combat Mass: 7 tonnes (plus up to 5 tonnes of cargo)
Length: 8m
Width: 2.5m
Height: 2.89m
Engine Power: 256hp Deutz F8L413F KFG V8 diesel
Top Speed: 90kph


Stemming from an early 1960s West German Army staff requirement, the MAN Category 1 (KAT 1) is a family of 4x4, 6x6, and 8x8 heavy utility trucks. Entering service with the West German armed forces in 1976, and with more than 14,000 units produced since, the platform has proven highly capable and adaptable. Steel Beasts Professional models four versions of the MAN KAT 1 series: the type 464 8x8 LKW 10t mil gl KAT 1 equipped with a middle bed mounted 1-ton material handling crane, and three type 451 LKW 5 t mil gl KAT I configured for supply, troop transport, and command. Eventually, the majority of KAT 1 trucks will be replaced in general service by the MAN SX series.

All modeled variants of the MAN KAT 1 are crew-able at the Commander's (F7), Driver's (F9), and Squad Leader's (F11 if carrying troops or manning the "command post" version) positions. Though normally unarmed, these vehicles may optionally be equipped with a ring mounted 7.62mm MG3 at the Commander's position, or the Lemur, M151 Protector (NL), or M153 Protector remote weapons' stations.

In the simulation the 8x8 and 4x4 supply vehicles provides ammunition resupply services to the armed vehicles, infantry squads, and missile/HMG teams represented in Steel Beasts Professional. Such vehicles may be made available to Blue, Red, and other factional forces. The MAN KAT 1 vehicle will only resupply units of its own side. Thus a Blue KAT 1 truck cannot be used by another factions armed vehicles, regardless of enemy/neutral/allied status. Resupply of ammunition can be accomplished by moving the unit which requires resupply close to the vehicle and then waiting. Resupply will automatically commence within a couple of minutes. Note that full resupply may take some time.

As a troop transport the MAN KAT 1 carries a dismount section of 12 men, equipped with 2 M136 (AT-4) light anti-armor weapons, a MG, and 5.56mm rifles while the Command Post version transports a single two-man dismountable FO team equipped with 5.56mm rifles.

Thermal Signature

MAN KAT 1 8x8 Supply TIS image, front-right MAN KAT 1 8x8 Supply TIS image, rear-left
MAN KAT 1 4x4 Supply/Troops TIS image, front-right MAN KAT 1 4x4 Supply/Troops TIS image, rear-left
MAN KAT 1 4x4 Command TIS image, front-right MAN KAT 1 4x4 Command TIS image, rear-left