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The MAN SX45 truck in Steel Beasts Professional

MAN SX45: Heavy Tactical Truck


Remote Weapons' Station (Lemur): 12.7mm M2HB or 40mm AGL (optional)
Ammunition Stowage: 300 ready/900 stowed 12.7mm or 64 ready/900 stowed 40mm grenades
Default Ammunition: 100/900 12.7mm PPTM/85 LS or 64/900 40mm M430 HEDP (HEAT)
Integral Grenades: 3 ready/6 stowed per bank (2), total 18.

Armor Protection:
Frontal Turret Armor: N/A
Cab Armor: Thin. Protected vs 7.62mm AP. Blast resistant design features.

Combat Mass: 18 tonnes (plus up to 16 tonnes of flattracked cargo)
Length: 10.5m
Width: 2.55m
Height: 3.92m
Engine Power: 440hp MAN D2066 LFG Diesel
Top Speed: 90kph


The MAN SX45 is an 8x8 heavy utility truck intended as a successor to the MAN KAT 1 series of vehicles in German service. Capable of handling palletized loads from 14 to 16 tonnes, along with a variety of specialized modules, the SX series are designed to keep pace with mechanized units regardless of terrain. The modeled version is the MAN SX45 MULTI2 IAC, and is equipped an integrated armored cab providing protection against 7.62x51mm AP rounds, artillery shell splinters, and medium anti-tank mine blast.

The MAN SX45 is crew-able at the Commander's (F7) and Driver's (F9) positions. Additionally, this vehicle may be equipped with various remote weapon stations including the Lemur, M151 Protector (NL), or M153 Protector.

In the simulation this vehicle provides resupply services for fuel or ammunition to the armed vehicles, infantry squads, and missile/HMG teams represented in Steel Beasts Professional. The vehicle may be made available to both Blue, Red, and other factional forces. The MAN SX45 vehicle will only resupply units of its own side. Thus a Blue SX45 truck cannot be used by another factions armed vehicles, regardless of enemy/neutral/allied status.

Resupply of fuel or ammunition can be accomplished by moving the unit which requires resupply close to the vehicle and then waiting. Resupply will automatically commence within a couple of minutes. Note that full resupply may take some time.

The mission designer can specify if the vehicle should transport ammo or fuel.
MAN SX45 supply options

The MAN SX series entered general service in 2007, and is in current service with Austria, Denmark, Germany, Malaysia, Norway, Sweden, and the UK along with other minor operators.

Thermal Signature

MAN SX45 TIS image, front-right MAN SX45 TIS image, rear-left