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Manufactured since 1972 by the French-German Euromissile Consortium (now MBDA Missile Systems), the MILAN (Fr: Missile d´infanterie léger antichar) is a SACLOS (Semi-Automatic Command-to-Line of Sight) guided man-portable ATGM. The modeled versions are the basic Milan (1972), Milan 2 (1984), 2T (1993), Milan 3 (1996), and Milan ER (2011) with no external difference in firing posts, and all are equipped with the Milan Infrared Attachment (MIRA) sight. Day and thermal optics are fixed at 7x. Widely distributed, with over 10,000 MILAN firing posts and more than 332,000 missiles in service with 41 countries, the MILAN is the third most popular medium ATGM system behind the AT-3 and Raytheon TOW.


The observer position F8 displays a third-person view of the MILAN team.
Observer view of the MILAN team
Pressing N provides a magnified third-person view (and only if the Realism setting is Low or Medium (rev. 3.002)).
Magnified view from the MILAN team
F7 or F11 switches to the first-person view of the "Squad Leader"/gunner.
MILAN team "Squad Leader's" view:
Pressing N will brings the Squad Leader's binoculars into action. This can not be used to engage targets.
Squad Leader's Bino view.
Pressing F2 accesses the weapon's 7x fixed optics. By default this will be the MIRA thermal camera used for day or night engagements, and pressing (Num +) will toggle between the MIRA and standard day optics. From here the mouse or joystick may be used to aim, and the space bar/default trigger to fire. As with other SACLOS guided weapons, all the gunner needs to do is keep the reticle centered on the target. Important: When launched the sudden weight reduction from the missile leaving the tube will cause the sight to drop, therefore an adjustment is provided. Below the center of the sight is a caret in the vertical wire. The tip of the caret serves as the system's aiming point and once fired the center of the sight will drop to match that point.

Note that night vision goggle views are available from the F7 Squad Leader's view under appropriate lighting conditions if the team is so equipped (rev. 2.640), but NVGs are useful for observation only, and have no effect on weapon sights.

MILAN weapon sight, day with proper sight picture.
MILAN weapon sight, just after firing.
MILAN weapon sight, thermal.