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MT-LB used by US Marines in the OPFOR role

MT-LB: Armored Personnel Carrier


Machine Gun: PKT
Ammunition Stowage: 250 ready/2250 stowed
Default Ammunition: 250/2250 7.62mm AP

Armor Protection:
Front Turret: Protected vs 7.62mm
Front Hull: Protected vs 7.62mm

Vehicle Weight: 11.9 tonnes
Length: 6.45m
Width: 2.86m
Engine Power: 240hp YaMZ 238 V-8 diesel
Top Speed: 30kph (cross-country)


Developed in the late 1960's as a replacement for the AT-P armored artillery tractor, the MT-LB is full-tracked, multipurpose light armored vehicle. Fully amphibious, the MT-LB serves in the same roles as the ubiquitous M113 series does in the West, including: APC, artillery tractor, ambulance, engineering vehicle, ADA vehicle (SA-13), mortar carrier, and other specialized roles.

The MT-LB is modeled in Steel Beasts Professional as an APC, an Engineer Vehicle, and a Forward Observer Vehicle. As a APC the MT-LB carries 10 dismounts equipped with 2 RPG-7M anti-armor weapons, a PKM machine gun, and 5.45mm rifles while the FO version carries a single dismountable FO team. The engineer version carries 8 sappers equipped with 4 (2) RPG-7M anti-armor weapons, and 5.45mm rifles.

Beginning with Steel Beasts Professional version 4.000, engineering vehicles such as the MT-LB Engineer may carry barrier materials (concertina wire rolls) for the construction of wire obstacles during runtime. Refer to the Obstacles And Fortifications page for information regarding the placement and construction of such obstacles. Additionally, the Engineer version may tow a MICLIC trailer and mark cleared paths through mine fields in a manner identical to the M113G3 Engineer (rev. 4.250).

Thermal Signature

MT-LB TIS image, front-right MT-LB TIS image, rear-left