Mi-8 / Mi-17 Hip

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Mi-8 in Steel Beasts Professional
Armed Mi-17 in Steel Beasts Professional

A medium twin-turbine transport helicopter, the Mil Mi-8 “Hip” was designed in the late 1950s by Mikhail Mil as a replacement for the Mil Mi-4. Formally entering service with the Soviet Air Force in 1967, the aircraft is a multipurpose design functioning as a general military transport, reconnaissance platform, gunship, and airborne command post along with various civilian uses. With more that 17,000 airframes produced and more still under construction, the Mi-8 is one of the most numerous helicopters in use today and may be found in service with more that 50 countries worldwide.

Steel Beasts Professional models two versions of the Mi-8: the basic Mi-8T (NATO: Hip C) as an unarmed troop and cargo transport, and the export Mi-17 (Russian: Mi-8MT, NATO: Hip H) outfitted as a rocket/missile armed gunship.

Configured as a troop transport or gunship the Mi-8 lifts a dismount section of 12 men (the Mi-17 carries 8), equipped 12 (6) RPG-7L light anti-armour weapons and 5.45mm rifles (rev. 2.640).

When selected as a cargo craft and at ground level/landed the Mi-8 provides resupply services for ammunition to armed vehicles, infantry squads, and heavy weapon teams represented in Steel Beasts Professional. The Hip will only resupply units of its own side. Thus a Blue Mi-8 cannot be used by another factions armed vehicles or infantry units, regardless of enemy/neutral/allied status. Resupply of ammunition can be accomplished by moving the unit which requires resupply close to the chopper and then waiting. Resupply will automatically commence within a couple of minutes. Note that full resupply may take some time.


  • Rotor Diameter: 29.29m
  • Overall Length: 18.70m
  • Cargo Capacity: ~3,000/6,600 kg/pounds
  • Passenger Capacity: 24 troops

Weapons (Mi-17):

  • 4x AT-2c Swatter ATGM
  • 6x B20 Rocket Pods carrying 20 S-8BM HE-F 80mm rockets each