Operation Variable I

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The Operation Variable I campaign began on 27 April 2009.

After Action Reviews

AAR: week 1
AAR: week 2
AAR: week 3
AAR: week 4
AAR: week 5
AAR: week 6
AAR: week 7
AAR: week 8
AAR: week 9
AAR: week 10
AAR: week 11
AAR: week 12


The Operation Variable I campaign ended on 25 September 2009, after five months, as a Blue Victory.


The following awards were made so that individuals can display them in their forum signatures if they so desire. They are simply for fun, for a bit of nostalgia in remembering the campaign. The only requirement is that you abide by the forum rules on signature sizes (400 x 60 maximum), and that you are honest to those when choosing to display them.

Participation Award

All those who participated in the Operation Variable I campaign may, in good faith, display the following ribbon in their signature if they so desire.

OpV1 ribbon.png